Website Modernization

Regardless of the industry, a modern website is essential to keep your business moving forward. With more and more Mobile Devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones hitting the market the time is here to get your site up to par.


SEO, Facebook and Beyond

Social Network Overload got ya down? We can take the stress out of your day to day social updates and streamline the entire process for you. Daily, weekly, monthly or even seasonal options are available to suit your needs individually


Managed & Remote Services

From full office networks to personal computers in your home, we can keep them running, and fix it from a distance! Ask us about our Remote Virus Removal Service. Less than the rest, and done over the web at your convenience. Not every virus can be removed, but some can and your pc can also be optimized over the web if the network resources are present.


You are just a few steps away from finding the site of your dreams!

At Nicely Done Sites we have one goal, getting you all you need in an easy process.

Responsive Designs

We build websites using the latest technology available, no matter what device your visitors are on, your site will look beautiful and remain feature rich!

Easy to Use and Maintain

If you plan to maintain your site on your own, we provide help, tutorials and also a very easy to use control panel.  We give DIY’ers all they need to succeed!

In House Hosting and Support

We run and manage our own servers across two countries.  With data centers in France and Canada you can rest assured your site will always be online and ready for guests.

Recent Portfolio

Our Services

  • HTML5/CSS3 Development
  • Wordpress Development
  • Application Development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • PHP/MySQL Development
  • Social Marketing

We offer a range of service options for the every day consumer and small business owner to large businesses and corporate offices needing outsourced services.  Connecting to help your situation when you need it done, not 3 weeks later after you have found a way around it!  Remote support, On-site support and even over the phone!  There is every choice possible!

From Social Networking to re-branding and marketing materials we can help you make the decision you won’t regret months later.  Every option is mulled over before any decisions need to be made.  We are here to help you not stress you out with things you don’t need.  What you need, at a great price!! Now that is Nicely Done.


  • David Brooks and Nicely Done have been a key part to our success, here at cuTThroat culinary. his passion for the projects he takes on is second to none, David approaches each project idea with the pride of ownership as if the product was his very own. his tireless efforts ensure that each job is completed with the best possible representation. thank you David!!
    Christian DoliasFoundercuTThroat Culinary, LLC
  • When we were working on our website with David, he was extremely helpful. It didn’t matter if I couldn’t get a headset working or couldn’t log into a program…he was there to help. Our website is easy to navigate and professional looking. I am extremely happy with the results and our overall experience with Nicely Done Hosting. I would recommend them to anybody interested in quality work at a competitive price.
    Peter O'
  • Thank you to David and the crew at NDS!  From Start to Finish, they were always there to help out.  Whether it was a program I couldn’t get logged into or even when my headset wasn’t working, David always found a way to work though the issue and get the job done.  My schedule varies greatly from day to day and Nicely Done was able to work around it and still get our website done on time and under budget!
    Mike CurryOwnerLifeSmoke Vapors

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