A plan to replace the Facebook and Twitter platforms

Unless you have chosen the hermit lifestyle and have completely unplugged it is hard to have not noticed the stories that have gone on around social media giants Facebook and Twitter in the past few months. Many users have left those platforms or have decreased their usage, instead seeking different platforms embroiled in none of the controversy to use. Other entrepreneurs have vowed to create something different and the latest comes from German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur Kim Schmitz, otherwise known as Kim Dotcom.

Who is involved

The announcement came on June 5 from his residence in New Zealand. Dotcom labeled Facebook and Twitter as “deep state conspirators” and in the same announcement he invited former NSA leaker Edward Snowden, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange as well as the German hacker association Chaos Computer Club (CCC) to help. His goal is to create a new social media platform, to be known as MegaNet, with real privacy protection and no censorship. Ironically he made the announcement on Twitter.

It has certainly been a bad year for Facebook and Twitter and the news only got worse for Facebook in early June when it was confirmed that they had given access to their user’s data to 60 different firms like Microsoft and Apple without their user’s permission.

This could take awhile

What would this new social media platform look like? It could be a long time until you find out. Dotcom is battling extradition from New Zealand (where he has resided since 2010) to the United States on copyright violation charges stemming from the cloud sharing service Megaupload that he founded in 2005. The legal battle has left many of his assets frozen and has resulted in millions of dollars in legal bills for him. Snowden is holed up in Russia on temporary asylum and Assange is still a guest of the Ecuadorians at their embassy in London lest he be extradited to Sweden on rape allegations.

Also in the same announcement Dotcom announced the formation of K.im, a content monetization service in a counter to the demonteization and censorship of numerous content creators on YouTube.

It comes down to trust

For many users of social media the issue is one of trust. Does the average user still trust Facebook and Twitter to protect their information and do what is right by the user? For many users that trust has been irrevocable broken while others are waiting to see what will come next. The question must be posed as well, do you trust Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom with your private data more than you do Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey? That is do you keep dancing with the one who brought you or do you try to find someone better while at the dance? Considering that their public trust right now is about at rock bottom, what does Kim Dotcom have to lose to try?

As with anything true competition will allow the public to choose and for too long there has been no true competition for Facebook or Twitter. Considering that those social media giants are undergoing some major growing pains many feel that this is a long time coming and will welcome it. This may also be the swift kick in the butt that those platforms need to truly reevaluate themselves to determine if they are doing everything that they can to be fair, honest and discreet with their users.

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