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The “Nicely Done Sites” Story


Hello, my name is David and this story starts with me. The funny thing is, this story doesn’t start with Web Design – even though that’s what Nicely Done Sites looks like on the front end. Let me tell you a little bit more about who I am and where I came from – and then you’ll see where we’re going.

It all started with my schooling. I went to school for mechanical Drafting and Design – so not quite Web Design, but we’ll get to that part. Once my training was complete, I decided that I wanted to work in the cabinet design and production business. I had a large interest in building both stereo and furniture cabinets, so this just made sense – and why not? Some of the best things are kept in cabinets – such as crackers and stereo speakers, as some examples.

So, I built cabinets for a few years, while working at various local stereo shops around Lehigh Valley (My hometown), but in 2006 we moved to York. I continued to work at local cabinet shops in that area, such as Wayneco. Not long after this, though – I started working at a local granite shop – although, one couldn’t really put a proper title on my position. I was known as the “office manager”, but I did more than manage an office – I worked in sales, ordering, unloading, installing, designing, and maintaining the computer network there, among many other things – just depending on what was needed at the time. After working here for awhile, I was finally able to take the plunge – I started my own business – or businesses, rather; I didn’t start just one. Sure it started with one, but let’s dig further into that.

My oldest business is 12 Volt Options, which I started back in 2007. This is a small custom stereo shop that serves both commercial and consumer level customers with the absolute latest in vehicle technology. It doesn’t matter if it’s a USB radio or a complete video/media solution – we’ve got it all covered.

Also, as you already know by now – I thoroughly enjoy building cabinets, and I had a void that needed to be filled. I also wanted to have a little fun! (Who doesn’t, right? We have to have fun!) so naturally, I started a small cabinet venture that same year called “Nicely Done Cabinets”. However, due to the costs and the fact that we had two little children at the time, we had to end that business soon after it’s creation.


The Digital Era

The next year, my wife and I created “Nicely Done Photos”. Through this company, we provide a wide variety of photography services which include (but are not limited to) Preschool, Wedding/Engagement, Corporate, Real Estate, Family, Commercial, E-Commerce, and many more. Also, because we’re not terrible people, we do several non-profit events at no charge – All joking aside, we love doing that because it allows us to give back to the community when we can.

In 2009, “Nicely Done Hosting” and “Nicely Done PCs” were both born. Nicely Done Hosting originally started out as merely a Web Hosting reseller account, with no domain attached to it. However, as time passed and our customer volume increased, we were able to buy our own dedicated servers and detached from managed solutions to running our very own network. We are proud to say that we now lease over 20 servers on two continents.

By this time, I had already spent some time dabbling in graphic design – but this is when I started to build websites for other people – not just close friends and family. I was able to start focusing on this more, as good electronics were starting to become available at much better prices, thus lowering the overhead of 12 Volt Options, it was able to stay alive mainly through customer referrals.

I’ve told you all of this because it gives you an idea of who I am; who’s behind this website. As you can see, I have a varied skillset – and while a lot of it doesn’t seem like it relates to web design, I feel that it does. I first learned mechanical drafting and design, and I spent many years crafting various types of cabinets. I spent a lot of time creating audio and media solutions, and I spent a lot of time working on computers and computer networks, I’ve spent a lot of time with photography and graphic design, and I’ve spent a lot of time creating websites. See, it doesn’t matter if it’s a physical product or a digital product – they all say one thing. I can design a product that fits each of my customers directly and meets there needs at all times.


Nicely Done Sites

This rather verbose story brings us to the present day. All of this history opened up doors and opportunities to allow us to offer a unique set of services to you today.

Nicely Done Sites is run independently by myself – although there are many faces that work behind the scenes – I work with a small number of sub-contractors that all bring something amazing and unique to the table. This means that we are not limited to just website design. We offer so many web design services such as HTML5 websites, WordPress/Joomla websites, Logo design, corporate branding, Magento solutions, iOS/Android apps, and Web apps.

It doesn’t stop there though – as I mentioned above, it’s not just me – we are all a team, working from all corners of the globe – and because of that, we also offer many services ranging from (but not limited to) in-house and remote technical support, network maintenance, security auditing, consultations, marketing strategies, email services, back and security, DDOS mitigation.

Welcome to “Nicely Done Sites”


Our Values

Honesty: we tell the truth to each other and our clients.
Respect: we believe in the Golden Rule and attempt to treat others the way we wish to be treated.
Diligence: we do our work to the best of our ability in a timely manner and focus on excellence.
Value: we endeavor to provide an honest value for a fair price.
Teachable: none of us know everything. If we don’t know something we admit it and use that as motivation to find the answer.
Ownership: we take ownership of our clients’ problems and work through until a solution can be found.
Humility: we provide explanations at a level each individual client can understand and when we’re wrong, we admit it and find the right answer.
Generosity: we share what we’ve been entrusted with to those in need.


Who We Are

Nicely Done Sites is dedicated to building High-Quality, Well-Tested Web sites. Our developers have years of customer service, internet technology, internet marketing, computer science and web development experience.  We love what we do. Our enthusiasm for web development and the endless potential of the Web inspires us to provide the best quality web development services possible. We have been told by our clients that the level of enthusiasm and knowledge that we bring to our projects is what inspires them to continue working with us. What sets us apart from our competitors is our constant, complete, customer-service orientation. Our employees are collaborative partners committed to turning clients’ business visions into successful realities. We are responsive and responsible. We pay close attention to detail, and we care about your company like it was our own. We are easy to get in touch with. We are easy to get along with. We go the extra mile for you every time. Our rates are reasonable, and we have a vast amount of experience to help you with your business problem.

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