Advantages of using GSuites for businesses and non-profits Three million users and counting

Google has revolutionized more than just Internet searching. The G Suite has changed the way business can be conducted. Launched in 2006 it utilized cloud computing for personal productivity and collaboration software. G Suite consists of Gmail,Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Jamboard and Vault. No longer do businesses or nonprofits need an expensive software suite.

Anyone in the world can register for a Gmail address for free and with it unlocks most of the rest of the G Suites. A business can register and for a small fee can have their own email addresses (!). Over three million businesses use G Suite so it is tried and tested.

With each account comes access to more than just a Gmail account. A personal calendar is included and it can be shared with other users so they will know what is going on with you and if you are available. Hangouts is a chat feature that allows for instant communication and can also incorporate video. Up to 25 participants are allowed and it functions cross-platform so it will work on Android or iOS as well.

Drive allows for online cloud storage, up to 30GB of it with some enterprise plans allowing for unlimited storage. All of your company or nonprofit’s data will be stored in one place safely and securely. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection so you can always keep an eye as to what is going on.

Google also provides its own word processing software called Docs. Word processing can be done right on the cloud with every change made saved instantaneously and backed up by Google. Need to restore something to a previous version, Docs saves all versions and lets you go back through old versions so you can find what you are looking for. It also allows you to share the document so that others can edit it. No more emailing a document to someone for review and then comparing their changes to what you sent them. It’s all available at the click of the mouse. Docs offers much of the same functionality as MS Word for none of the cost. Also included in the G Suite is Sheets and Slides, or Google’s version of Excel and PowerPoint respectively. With the same functionality and all of the benefits of Docs why go back to Microsoft? Templates for brochures or newsletters are also included so that creating one is a breeze.

Creating your own website can be daunting. Google Sites allows anyone, and that includes people with no coding or website design knowledge, to create and maintain a website. Domain names can be acquired for a small fee. While the site will have limitations and Google does limit what a user can do with a site it is a great way to get a small business or nonprofit website off the ground.

Google also maintains a social networking service called Google+. It allows for users to post and comment so engaging in communication is snap and can be done from anywhere at anytime. Posts can be grouped by topics, or Collections. Business features allow for enhanced privacy and for restricted communities.

For any business there is a lot of communication. If something happens and it needs to be reviewed looking back through correspondence can take hours to find the right message. Thanks to Vault, a G Suite feature for businesses, this can be done in a breeze. Gmail messages and chat logs are archived so that they can be searched by a number of filters. The messages can also be exported to Drive so you will have them always at your fingertips when needed.

When starting a new project the first thing that should be done is to brainstorm ideas. Typically a physical whiteboard is used and everyone goes into a room and spitballs. After they leave the room, unless they took a picture of the board, they have no reminder of what was on the board, especially if it is erased. That is a thing of the past with Jamboard. Jamboard is physical screen that serves as a digital whiteboard that allows for online collaboration and functions through the cloud. The team no longer needs to even be in the same room. Different inputs are recognized allowing for off-site collaboration. This particular device is not cheap, retailing for $4,999 with a $600 yearly support fee but for a company that cannot meet in person this could be exactly what you are looking for.

Need help? Google has phone and email support available 24/7 so if you get stuck and need help at 3 AM you will reach a human being. After all, not every business runs 9-5.

As mentioned above 3 million businesses use G Suites ranging from small mom and pop stores to Fortune 100 companies and more are signing up every day. G Suites is a set of tools that allows a small company to have the same power at their fingertips as the largest companies in the world. With the cost that goes with using G Suites when compared to an expensive software suite that does not do everything that G Suites does why wouldn’t your business go with Google? 3 million others can’t be wrong.

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