It seems that you can get almost anything that you want online nowadays and if careful you would never even need to leave your home or apartment for any reason, though we do not recommend that lifestyle. We do recommend getting outside and to help dissuade anyone from that lifestyle watch this video. Anyway, with the holiday season approaching (yes Halloween is over so now apparently it is OK to start preparing for Christmas) Amazon has taken away another reason to venture outside as winter approaches.

Christmas trees in the mail

Starting in November Amazon will harvest, wrap and ship live Christmas trees to customers. The trees will be full sized seven foot trees like Norfolk Island pines and Douglas firs and will cost $115. Shipping will take approximately 10 days and will arrive in the usual Amazon brown box. Wreaths and garlands will also be available for sale and some items can be shipped for free for Amazon Prime members. The trees will be shipped without water though they will survive the journey it says.

Amazon has previously had trees available for its customers in a variety of species and it proved to be very popular so they expanded the selection as well as other holiday decorations. Most of what is already available online are young trees that have not grown more than three feet in height so this is a major step up. To have the capabilities to do this shows how far Amazon’s shipping has come.

A good idea or the epitome of laziness?

Is this a good idea? Considering that Amazon is diverse enough when it comes to its offerings it can do this. Most Christmas trees from a farm cost around $60 with the most sought after trees, the Fraser fir (which Amazon will sell) costing as much as $100. The service could be extremely popular in places like New York City where Christmas trees can cost several hundred dollars and harvesting one is not easy. It may not be as beneficial in less urban areas where it is easier and cheaper to harvest one yourself.

Amazon is already taking preorders for Christmas trees so if you want one get your order in. Apparently people who put their holiday decorations up earlier tend to be happier people. For Christmas tree farms or sellers there is no need to worry as experts think that at most only 1-2% of the market have purchased their trees online in the past. That means plenty of people will still leave the house to go find that perfect tree but those lots may be a little less crowded now.

Perhaps the only downside is that Amazon will not be able to deliver the tree with a drone. Too bad. Maybe next year.

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