Application Received For AOLP Members Only

First step is complete!

Thank you for filling out and submitting our benefit application form. Your information has been sent to our team, and an email with your data has been sent to the email address you provided for your records.

What’s next?

We will be in touch to confirm the date and time set in the form for a phone call. From there we will discuss your plans and ideas, and share details on how we can help build the proper plan of action to reach your goals together.

Things that can help with getting started.

There are a few things that you can do to prepare, to make the kickoff phase go smoothly. We have them listed below, some you may already have.

  1. We use Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Google Documents & Sheets to keep up with project discussions and activities. Setting up a google account with your company name can help out with getting you linked up with your company files and at the same time provide a perfect account for creation and management of your Google related services, like your Webmaster’s Tools, Analytics and Maps Business Listing. Even when pairing up a Google G Suite account using your website’s domain as a primary email, it is good to have your company’s GMail counterpart.
  2. Preparing any content you have that will be used on the project(s) ahead. This includes everything from photos and graphics, to page content and contact form fields. If you have existing forms for some of your process you can include them, as we are going to be able to digitize some of it on your new site, if elected. If you use a cloud based service, like Google Drive or Dropbox, you are welcome to prepare a share folder with us, to make sharing easy as we get moving along. Our About Us Snapshot form can help us to write an accurate and compelling history of your company that represents your organization, its culture, and what makes it unique from your competitors.
  3. If we will be helping with hosting, domain and email related items, having the access information needed will be vital for a successful migration from development and launch. If you use HostGator or other large hosting company services, we can help out with getting it moved with just your login information. If you use GoDaddy, you can click on this link for instructions on adding us as settings managers on your account.
  4. Brainstorm! Over the coming weeks we are going to have detailed conversations about your company’s products, services and process. Now would be an excellent time to think about ways you would like to change or improve your existing flow of a customer. Our Creative Brief form can help spark the brainstorming process and give us a glimpse into who you are and how you want to be represented. We also want you to take our timeline for this project into consideration, would you like to keep to a hard set schedule finishing rapidly for a particular date, or over a longer time frame to make sure no stone is left uncovered. Taking these things into consideration can be very helpful as we get started.


We are excited to have the opportunity to work with you, please reach out to us if you have any questions. sales at nicelydonesites dot com

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