The fact that AI has begun to do the jobs of humans is not a new concept. At first it was more repetitive tasks like working on an assembly line or flipping hamburgers. Now it is beginning to expand into the world of the arts and literature. AI is now able to write legible content on the Web. So will AI become the next Stephen King or William Shakespere? Or will it just put content writers like me out of work?

Natural Language Generation

The key to AI’s ability to write comes from the software process called Natural Language Generation (NLG). NLG has been in use since the 1990s to generate business intelligence, data reports, email, in-app messaging and more. It is able to be told what format it should compose, like a social media post, a report or even poetry since each have unique structures.

Data is fed in, processed and the desired information is returned. The process works very well for data reporting (if you have a financial statement, chances are NLG is used to produce it) as it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to produce these, thereby saving a company a great deal of money.

More Than Just Reports

Advances in AI have allowed NLG to expand into other endeavors, like poetry or novels. While not perfect yet, AI has made great strides in composing legible poetry. Take this quiz if you think you can tell the difference between AI and a human!

AI is also used to create social media posts to convey information. Chances are you would never be able to tell the difference between a human and AI when it comes to this. It’s not easy and AI is getting better every day. Not quite Shakesperian yet though.

The Future Of Content

AI can write a full-length novel in less than a week. AI can also write blog content for you in a fraction of the time it takes a human to do so. NLG is the Future of Content Management. It can auto-generate easy to read text with no grammatical errors or typos and create different variations of the content all in a matter of seconds. It can be done for blog content, e-commerce descriptions or just about any other content that is found on a website, all while maximizing SEO.

Will This Writer Be Out Of Work?

Eventually yes but for right now a NLG system to write content has not been perfected yet and as it is new technology it is not cheap to acquire. So for now, when it comes to blog content or social media posting, a human is still the best option for many small business owners. Who knows what that will look like in five years but like will all jobs AI will eventually come for it. It may be sooner than I’d like!

Until Then AI Can Still Help

For everyone who still wants to write their own content, or does it for a living, AI can still help with that too. AI can help to proofread, to do a plagiarism check, assess the quality and readability of the work and provide a summary. It can help you to write better content and give you more time to focus on the subject that you are writing about. AI can give something to everyone.

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