Can You Invite People To Your Events Through Google Maps?

It can be hard to get people to come to your events. Believe us, at Nicely Done Sites we know this all too well. You can advertise the event on Facebook and plenty of people will indicate that they are interested and many will say that they are coming but when the doors open for the event you are sitting there by yourself and talking to yourself. You’re thinking that there has to be a better way and now there might just be.

How Do You Get People To Come?

For many of the events that you hold the purpose is to advertise and show off your goods or services. Of course you think that your followers on Facebook, or the people that actively follow what you do, would be the people that you would want to show up and of course when they indicate that they are interested in an event their friends see it as well. It just doesn’t seem to work out with actual attendance.

Google Maps

A recent change with Google Maps may help to change that. The feature has gone live though it is not available to everyone just yet. This new feature will allow anyone to create a public event with details like the date and time of the event.

It appears that the feature has not had all of the bugs worked out, which explains why it is not available for everyone, as the Android Police blog found out. Google itself has added documentation for it but has not announced it publicly yet.

The plus side for this is that anyone who uses Google Maps will be able to see your event, not just a limited number of users of Facebook or whoever you can reach with advertising. This potentially opens up your event to the world, they just have to use Google Maps and one would figure that Google Earth will also be incorporated as well.

Google Maps is the most popular navigation tool with ⅔ of all people using a navigation tool using it. Considering that over ¾ of all smartphone users use a navigation tool that is a lot of people. People use the product, over 154 million unique users in the US alone in April 2018 according to, so there is can provide huge potential exposure.

Will this work? This relies on someone using Google Maps and clicking on the event. Everything else is the same, it still relies on people actually wanting to come to the event or having enough incentive to attend. It is another avenue to try and for some it may be a more attractive avenue but time will tell. Google has to work the kinks out first though.

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