What is cheaper? Fixing a Hacked WordPress Website or Keeping it up to date

OK, you now have a brand new sparkling website from Nicely Done Sites and WordPress. It looks good and it is going to help you grow your brand. When it comes to your website you are now ready to sit back and relax. You have just spend your time and money to have it built and you really don’t want to think about that anymore. There are of course financial commitments that will have to be dealt with like hosting and domain registration but that can be dealt with later and it’s not overly expensive (plus it is also necessary).

Do you have a maintenance agreement?

Nicely Done Sites told you that there will be updates that need to be installed for your website. A day after your website went live there could be a new update. These updates can patch security issues and they can help to update the functionality of your website. How do you want to proceed with this? Did you purchase a maintenance agreement with Nicely Done Sites? If so Nicely Done Sites will handle these updates for you and you won’t have to worry. If you didn’t purchase a maintenance agreement how are you going to proceed?

On your own? You have two options

You basically have two options: Install the updates yourself or ignore them. Installing most of the updates is fairly easy for the most part and can be done quickly. There is of course more that goes into keeping your website well maintained but this is a very important part of keeping your website safe from less than scrupulous people. Ignoring the updates should not be an option but is unfortunately the option chosen by more than a few people.

There are certainly reasons why people choose to not purchase a maintenance agreement and the biggest is usually the financial commitment. This should be no surprise since so many businesses struggle in their early years and every penny can count. So, this begs the question, what is cheaper: paying to keep the website up to date or paying to fix a hacked or broken site?

Paying to keep the website up to date

If you are not going to keep it up to date you will need to pay someone who will. That could be an employee, a freelancer or your hosting provider like Nicely Done Sites. Our typical maintenance agreement costs around $90 per month and it covers not only installing updates but also active monitoring of the site and regular backups. By actively monitoring the site we can spot issues faster and fix them faster. You are paying for our expertise and experience when it comes to keeping your website in good standing and this agreement gives us much more flexibility when it comes to being proactive and fixing issues as they arise. You can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

Fixing a hacked or broken website

This may not ever be a problem but with more and more sophisticated cyber criminals on the loose in most cases it is a matter of when and not if. If an issue is found it will take time to troubleshoot, especially since we are not actively monitoring a site for suspicious activity. When an issue is spotted it will take more time to determine what is causing it and if anything on the site has been compromised. If the latter is the case it will take more time to determine how far reaching the problem is, like has your website been blacklisted by Google. That is all before the issue is addressed.

Time is money. If you are planning to fix issues like this do you have the expertise to do so? Probably not and chances are you will be contacting Nicely Done Sites since we are hosting your website for help. These hours that we are working on this kind of problem can be billable hours. Some of these issues can take several hours to investigate and fix and that time adds up. It could end up being several hundred dollars in total and that is before your business bears the cost that comes with a hack in terms of loss of public perception and loss of customers. That can all be avoided!

A maintenance agreement with Nicely Done Sites is not mandatory and we don’t force any of our clients into purchasing one. We encourage them all to do so and we hope that they see the value in it. It is essentially insurance for your website and considering how important your website can be for your business, can you afford to go without it?

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