Content Management System comparison A lot of variety

Adding new and fresh content is a great way to keep your SEO rankings high. A Content Management System is a great tool that can aid you in keeping your SEO ranking and make getting your content to your audience just a little bit easier. If you are not using a Content Management System then you should be.

A Content Management System is designed to help you create, edit, organize and publish content to the web. Many of the most popular ones today do not require the user to know a single bit of code so anyone can use them. They are also considerable cheaper than the days of yesteryear when a good Content Management System could cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some today are open source and free!

There are numerous Content Management Systems available to a user. The most popular is WordPress. Over 25% of all websites on the web use WordPress and nearly 60% of all websites that use a Content Management System use WordPress as well. It is open source, which means it is free to use and anyone can modify its code so a user can customize it to do what they need to do. It is a simple and quick installation with a wide variety of enhancements like themes and plugins that are available and if help is needed there is a large online community that is more than willing to answer your questions.

While Nicely Done Sites uses WordPress there are other Content Management Systems available. Google developed Google Sites with an intuitive user interface to help make website development as easy as writing a Microsoft Word document. It can be linked to other Google features like Drive or Maps and is great for a quick and easy website.

Expression Engine is available in both a free and paid version. It is mobile friendly and also offers a paid third-party add-on for e-commerce. Like WordPress SilverStripe is open source and offers a wide variety of plugins and add-ons. It can also help in the development of web apps. TextPattern is designed for bloggers and comes in a small 2 MB download. It has a modest interface and flexible design engine. RefineryCMS is also open source and has a clean, easy to use interface with a flexible design and extensions. It is emerging as a serious competitor to WordPress.

Ghost was developed by former WordPress developers. It is a paid service aimed to merging blogging and subscriber management but it is not recommended for business websites. Stick to WordPress for that as it lacks an eCommerce solution. Jekyll is another option if you do not want to use WordPress. It is aimed at business websites with static content. As a bonus hosting is free through Github. Concrete5 styles itself as the ultimate time-saving device for web developers and admins. Updating takes place in real time so all updates take place in real time so there is no need to hit the refresh button to review a page. Another popular Content Management System for businesses is ModX. It is easy to use and allows anyone to create content and is designed to focus on SEO so no extra plugins are needed. It also focuses on security and is incredibly flexible and scalable so it is ideal for high-end websites.

Two other Content Management Systems are direct competitors with WordPress. Joomla and Drupal, like WordPress, are free to use. Joomla is great for e-comerce and for social networking. While WordPress is ideal for beginners thanks to its ease-of-use, Joomla needs a bit more technical understanding but a non-technical person can use it. Drupal is not as user friendly but is more powerful than both WordPress and Joomla. It also requires an understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP in order to use. It is less resource-intensive so pages will load faster and it is easy to customize. All three have numerous extra plug-ins, themes and add-ons available and all three are used by some of the most powerful and sensitive websites on the Internet.

So, which one is best? The answer is that while WordPress may have the most websites using it what is best for you is up to you. Some Content Management Systems specialize in certain areas and that may be a direction you want to head. Since most are available for download for free trying each of them out may be the best way to go if you are looking to develop your own website.

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