There is a very good chance that you use email. Nearly everyone has an email address and most have more than one. Just like with social media you may spend a lot of time checking your inbox every single day. For some it is like a never ending trek and as soon as you have cleared out your inbox another ten pop in that require your attention. Has email reached its peak and is email as we know it on its way out?

Email Is Old

Email is old technology. After 50 years we have finally begun to see changes to the password but email has remained pretty much the same since the first was sent in 1972 by Ray Tomlinson. Sure there has been some changes made in that time but for the most part it has not really changed much. 

Some people may appreciate the fact that it has not changed much but with so many emails being sent and received it is using up too much time and does not allow for optimal productivity in a business environment. Email as meant for person-to-person communication and not for group collaboration. That is where other tools are excelling and leaving email in the rear-view mirror.

Collaboration Is King

Businesses are moving to more collaborative environments like Google Hangouts (used by Nicely Done Sites and part of GSuite) or Slack or many others for project management and interdepartmental communications. Collaborating has become more important than ever. Collaborative environments have increased productivity and made communications clearer and it has resulted in companies saving time and money. We use GSuite here at NDS and we could not imagine trying to use Gmail for the same task.

These channels have other major advantages as well. In a group chat everyone sees what is being said and replys are made to everyone. No more having to worry about someone forgetting to hit reply all on an email and missing out on need-to-know or time-sensitive information. These chats are also available to only the people involved. While filters have come a long way towards filtering out spam and other harmful emails those messages still can get through wasting your time or creating extra frustration. No need to worry about that with a chat.

Save Time And Frustration

Email itself is not dead. It still has a use for what it was originally intended for and that is person-to-person communication but for businesses or projects email is dead. Collaborative environments have replaced it and if you are not using this with your business you need to get on board. It can save you time and frustration and it can improve your customer service. Just think about how many businesses have chat programs or even use a chat program on social media for customers to contact them. 

Email’s heyday is over.

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