Could Smartphone use bring on the End of Days?

Take this with a grain of salt as there have been many predictions of the coming of the Antichrist and the end days but a recent warning to smartphone users may hopefully force some to make a change in their life. We of course know that our smartphones have taken over our lives and it is getting to the point that we do need some away time. For others though using their smartphone could lead to much more sinister results.

Using a smartphone will bring the Antichrist

The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patrick Kirill, has warned his followers that their dependence on modern technology like the smartphone could hasten the arrival of the Antichrist. He believes that the Antichrist will take control of the world via the Internet and since everyone’s lives are played out on it, that being will have access to all of their information. The Antichrist will know where they are, will know where they frequent and will know their fears. The Antichrist will also have no problems using that information for their own gain.

The Antichrist?

The Antichrist is a Christian figure that will supposedly substitute themself in the place of Jesus Christ as the End of Days approach. The term is mentioned five times in the modern New Testament and is considered to be similar to false Christs. Whether it was originally included in the texts is unknown and may have actually originated with later Greek writers. The figure can also be found in Islam as well as someone who will deceive humanity before the return of Isa (Jesus). Warning against false prophets are also found in Judaism but there is no mention of an anti-messianic figure in the Torah. The figure has been predicted many times and so far all of those predictions have proven to be false.

Divine ruling or human intervention?

Kirill said he is against the control of so much information in one place by one person and not against technology. Social media users were not convinced. Some took to making fun of Kirill highlighting a Twitter post of him taking a selfie with church representatives. Some questioned his statement and his closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin wondering if this is a state-sponsored message. Since Putin has heavy support from the people of the Russian Orthodox faith he has a large amount of sway with them. Throw in the restrictions that the Russian people face on the Internet many people believe that Putin is using this to make his policies seem to have divine blessings.

Causing a split in the Orthodox church

With the Orthodox church facing splits all over the globe moves like this combined with Russian aggression on the world stage are certainly not helping. Church members in less repressive countries will not part with their smartphone quite as easily and are probably less inclined to believe that the end of days will be hastened by using their smartphone. Russia is attempting to make its own Internet and by getting people to become detached from the current Internet will make that process much easier.

Despite the seemingly comical nature of the announcement there is some truth to the matter. We have become far too dependent on our smartphones and we could all use some time away from them. We also give too much of our private information, information that is controlled by a select few. Are people like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey or Jeff Bezos the Antichrist? They may not be well liked but it is doubtful that they are. If one of them is, well, we have been warned and the members of the Russian Orthodox faith may have the last laugh on this one.

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