As Easter comes it is always fun to find Easter Eggs hidden in the tech that we love. Google feels so too and has hidden several Easter Eggs on their website. Have a look at some of these. They may help pass a few minutes or help you play a joke on someone!


Need to pass a few minutes. Do a search for Tic-Tac-Toe, Solitaire or Pac-Man and have some fun! Tic-Tac-Toe can be set to play against a friend or against the Google. No Freecell though. Other fun games include spinning a dreidel, rolling a dice or flipping a coin. Also if you search for what sound does a cow (or lots of other animals) make you will be able to play the sound that that particular animal makes.

Many people loves to play Super Mario Bros. so search for it. While you will not be able to play it a ? box from the game will appear on the right. Click it and it not only dispenses coins but it plays the sound as well. The same thing can be done with Sonic the Hedgehog. Click on him and enjoy.

Change Google to search for images and then search for Atari breakout and play a version of that classic game.

Do you kids like fidget spinners? If they still do you can search for spinner and get a virtual one. It’s much cheaper than buying a new one.

Pranks to play on friends

Do a search for “askew” and your screen will be slightly askewed. You can also search for Google in 1998 and the page will look like the site did in 1998! If you want to really freak someone out tell them to search for zerg rush and watch as their screen disappears. Don’t worry, to fix it just hit the x on the top right of the screen.

Then tell them to search for do a barrel roll and want the screen do a barrel roll. If you don’t want to be too obvious about it search for “Z or R twice” (the command to do so in the old game StarFox) and it does the same thing. Google will continue to do barrel rolls until you search for something else!

Tired of the basic Google page? You can change the interface look (slightly). Search for the pirate interface, the bork (Swedish chef) interface, the Pig Latin interface or the hacker one. While no new tools will be unlocked it can really mess with someone, provided they actually read it.

Inside jokes

Search for anagram. Google will ask you is you mean nag a ram. For tech savvy people search for recursion. Google will ask if you meant recursion. Keep on clicking. You’ll be stuck in an infinite loop. You can also search for the answer to life, the universe and everything and you’ll get it. For those not convinced search for Conway’s game of life and watch the animation.

Trivia time

Ask Google for a fun fact and you’ll get it.

Getting into the (fake) holiday spirit

Google changes its image on its search page to mark special occasions but what about fake holidays. We all know that Festivus is a made up holiday but if you search for it you’ll get a Festivus Pole. Frank Costanza would be proud. Prepare to air your grievances!

And the practical

Musicians, have you ever forgotten your metronome. If you have Google you never will. Search for metronome and you’ve got one. Also do a search for bubble level on a mobile device. It will turn your device into a level!

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