Wouldn’t it be great if we could tell our computer what to do? No more mouse, no more keyboard, we speak and the computer does? We’re getting there but not quite there yet. Of course if one follows the Blade Runner timeline we should be able to do that by next year.

It is one of the more iconic scenes in Blade Runner when Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard is examining a photo and tells the computer to “enhance”and where to move so he can examine details more closely. It certainly looked cool in 1982 (as did the flying cars) when the movie was in theaters but shouldn’t we be able to do this now?

Of course using Hollywood timelines for what we should be able to do is stupid. After all according to the Star Trek timeline we’ve already had a major world war in the 1990s led by genetic supermen from India and when they were defeated they were launched into space in suspended animation. We all must have been watching Star Trek when that was happening because I don’t remember any of that but we must have had some cool technology in the 90s. Not to nitpick as well but the population of Los Angeles is also not 106 million people, but who’s counting.

Anyway, if anyone wants to tell their computer to enhance or move left or move right they can. A computer game called Enhance Computer has been developed that allows a user to do exactly that. Users have to examine a photo to find a code that will prevent a crime from being committed and they have to do it within a minute. It is not easy and the voice recognition software leaves a little bit to be desired according to some users but it is addictive, described by Wired as the perfect workplace distraction. There is just one problem, it can only be played in Google Chrome.

Now thanks to technology we can do more than just say “Enhance” to our computer. We no longer need to do our best Arcot Ramathorn impression to get our kicks, we can do it for real. So if you hear the person next to you telling their computer to enhance or move left they have not gone nuts nor have we entered a futuristic dystopia. You might even want to give it a try.

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