Free Tools For Online And Social Media Management: Lead Conversion

The new year is here and with that comes new year resolutions. Perhaps your resolution is to try to take your business to the next level. In the past you may not have had the time and you may think that it is going to be expensive. One of the easiest ways to take your business to the next level and to make it more efficient is to make your online and social media organization more efficient. There are some tools that can make this easier for you and they come cheaper than you might think.

If you run an eCommerce site you want to sell your wares. Getting people to visit your site is just the first step, you need to also convert those visitors into customers and when you’ve done that you want to convert those customers into bigger customers. This has been the goal of businesses since the beginning of time and it is not easy to do. There are some tools available for your use to do just this so you can sell more and spend less time logging information. And hopefully making your product or service better.


You want more visitors to your website. You want more visitors to turn into customers. You want more people to pay for the items in their shopping cart and not just abandon them. You want current customers to buy more. You also want to grow your email list so you can communicate with your current customers and become more visible. Sumo may be what you need. More than 500,000 websites trust Sumo to do just that and it works with most email services on the web. A free 14 day trial is available to check it out for the paid version and a limited free version is available.


Drip is built to help you stand out since it has been proven that consumers tend to buy from trusted brands that they recognize, remember or tailor to them. Use customer insight and data to make your brand stand out and speak to your customer base. You can start with a free 14 day trial and pay a monthly fee depending on how many users you have in your account. 


Do you think that what is good for your business should also be good for your customers as well? If you do HubSpot might be for you. It offers a full suite of software for marketing, sales and customer service based around CRM software. It includes everything you need to organize, track and build better customer relationships while at the same time creating more customers with marketing campaigns to develop more leads. A free version is available with basic tools with three different paid tiers with more tools and abilities. 


AI is becoming more a key component of everything today, so why not let it help you generate more leads and convert more customers. Freshsales uses AI to gain more leads and to contact potential prospects. Email notifications help you to keep up to date and its CRM system allows you to easily track your progress. Four different pricing tiers are available starting at just $12 per month with a 21 day free trial for each so you can get started.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM helps you to engage with leads and customers to gain insights about your business so you can grow your business. It is easy to use and you can start selling from day one. It allows for the easy integration of spreadsheets and is feature rich so you will spend less time on data entry and more time with your customers. Analytics help you to make better and smarter decisions and it is easily adaptable to your needs. Plans start at $12 per month with a 15 day free trial to get started with.

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