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The new year is approaching and with that comes new year resolutions. Perhaps your resolution is to try to take your business to the next level. In the past you may not have had the time and you may think that it is going to be expensive. One of the easiest ways to take your business to the next level and to make it more efficient is to make your online and social media organization more efficient. There are some tools that can make this easier for you and they come cheaper than you might think and writing using good English is important.

Writing Better

Did you pay attention in English class? If you are like most people probably not. Conjugating verbs and dangling participles are not things that you think about. Unfortunately now you need to create content for your website or for your social media page and it just looks bad when your English is poor and your writing ability is worse. To help you overcome that enjoy this clip from Family Guy. Do you regret sleeping through 9th grade English now? You don’t need to as there are some free tools online that can help make what you post a literary opus, or at least easy to be read and understood by your viewers. That might be more important and don’t forget that there is a fine art in determining when to make your content available is as well.

No one wants to read something online that is hard to understand. It is hard to sell a product that way in most cases. You don’t need to get a hold of your high school English teacher to apologize or find an acceptable substitute. Let the web help you with your writing!


No, not Ernest. He been dead since 1961. If you need a quick check for how easy your content is to read head to Hemingway to check it. Good proofreading is a must but it can only go so far. The website app is free to use and checks your content based on five different qualities. It also gives you a word count and gives you the grade level of what you wrote to determine readability. Just remember, it’s not always better to have a higher grade! 


Is your grammar terrible? Is your spelling just not getting it done? Or do you just need a little bit of help to spice up your content? If you do, Grammerly can help. The English language is full of words that look the same or are easily misspelled or you could have auto correct enabled and it could change a word without you knowing. Spell check may not always catch that but Grammerly can. It’s available for a quick check through their website or as a browser extension. A premium version is also available with enhanced features. 


No one likes a plagiarist. For most people they have no intention of doing it, they just can’t find a way to say something better. The ramifications of being caught can be extreme and can damage your business or brand severely. Do you want to see if there are any plagiarism issues with the content that you are posting? Do it for free with Copyscape. Just enter the URL of the page and it will check the web (with the premium version) or if you found a site with similar content (or if you are worried about yourself copying from a site) a free site-to-site comparison can be done. Breathe easier now.

Giant Language Model Test Room

You wrote your content, right? AI generated content is common now and it is hard to distinguish from human content at this point. Your users may not know but you might take pride that you, a human, wrote the content that is being published. Are you worried that something that you are publishing has been written by AI and not by a human? If you are, try the Giant Language Model Test Room. Developed by Harvard University and MIT it uses statistical models to determine which words are used the most to analyze the content and determine if a human or AI wrote it. It’s only a demo right now so there is still some room to grow with this.

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