These past few months have been hard on all of us and we are all looking forward to finally being able to get out of our homes and getting back to work. We hope that you have all made your way through this with your health and your sanity still in good order. As the COVID-19 pandemic starts to come to a close (we hope) people are going to inevitably look for someone to blame for it. Since the disease originated in China and was allowed to spread due to the inactivity of the Chinese Communist Party they seem like a valid target for many people’s ire. But, how can the average person hurt such a massive county and a massive economy? Stop buying products that come from that county.

Easier Said Than Done

That might be easier said than done but it is possible.

In a way it will be impossible to do completely. It seems like every charger that is used for your electronics is made in China. There is no getting around that until a manufacturer steps up to make their own and some are being made in India and Vietnam. Until those become more prevalent China will still continue to power our devices.

But what about the devices that are charged like say your Smartphone? Many of the most popular smartphones are manufactured in China like the iPhone as well as others that can’t be found in the US from Huawei and ZTE but there are some pretty good ones that are not. Taiwan, Japan and South Korea produce some of the finest smartphones available on the market including from names that you know like LG, Samsung and Sony and the same goes for any other tech that these companies produce like TVs and computers.

Changing Attitudes

A move away from China has existed even before COVID-19 shut down the world. Being dependent on a competitor for basic necessities is not a good thing and COVID-19 only exposed that. China has not been a fair player on the international stage which has prompted President Trump to issue tariffs to try to even the playing field. This has prompted many countries to begin moving operations out of China as the cost of doing business there has increased. 

Even Apple has begun to move locations out of China as they have started to assemble iPhones in India. While they have not moved operations completely out of China it is a start and others are following. In many ways China has themselves to blame as they have been on a quest to acquire technology to modernize their economy so they can become the dominant global power on the planet at the expense of everyone else.

Of course tech companies are not alone. The cost of manufacturing in China is dramatically less than that of a developed country and that is alluring for more than just tech. 

No Guarantee That Jobs Would Come Back To The US

Now of course should manufacturing leave China there is no guarantee that it would come back to the United States. Some of it would undoubtedly but most of it would move to other countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and India. While China will be hurt it will not resolve other issues and it may create its own problems. 

Is There Still A Tech Industry In The US?

Is there tech still made in America? Yes there is but it isn’t much!

Apple manufactures its desktop computers in Austin, Texas and some of the best gaming computers from MAINGEAR are made in Kenilworth, New Jersey. American companies also manufacture sound equipment like headphones and speakers but for the most part only gadgets are made in America. That makes supporting a tech kickstarter campaign even more important today.

There are a lot of iconic American brands that are not made in America anymore. COVID-19 has shown that we have become too dependent on other countries for what we need. What will happen now remains to be seen and a year from now we may not care as much anymore about where our goods are made since life has returned to normal. The US used to be a leader in technology and while many of the largest tech companies may still call the US home the products that they make are not being made by American workers.

Getting manufacturing out of China is a good first step but we need to bring back tech manufacturing here in the US. That will take time and it may be one of the few good things that come out of COVID-19. Or, it could just remain business as usual and we learn nothing once again.

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