Attention Nicely Done Sites clients, Google Cloud services as well as several other services have changed their policy and have now begun using Google Maps API. This means that what was formerly free services have now moved to a paid model. The changes will take effect on June 11.

This is a massive overhaul of these services. This new Google Maps platform will offer streamlined and easier to use API products, free support, a single console all with a single price plan with pay-as-you-go billing. It is designed to provide new industry solutions for an ever changing world of technology.

The New Google Maps

Eighteen separate APIs have been now streamlined into 3 core services: Maps, Routes and Places. Maps is what most people think of with Google Maps as well as components like Street View and 360° services. Routes allows turn by turn directions to get to your business as well as integrating real-time traffic information. Places includes information about the places around the world like addresses, phone numbers and services offered.


This move consolidated the standard business and premium plans in favor of a pay-as-you-go plan. Developers are expected to only pay for what they use and there is also a “free” tier as well. In that tier a $200 credit will be applied every month and Google expects that this will cover 98% of all users. For full pricing information go here to Google’s page for a breakdown.


Support for this will be online 24/7 during the business week (Monday thru Friday) with no support offered during the weekends. Google promises to respond to critical issues within one hour while support is available.

What is going to happen

For anyone whose web page accesses Google Maps starting on June 11, a valid API key will be needed as well as a Google Cloud account in order to access the Google Maps API. This move will affect everyone who integrates Google Maps into their website or apps – including many of our clients. Applicable sites will have to have their Google Map APIs rebuilt and set up with G Suite or with a company Gmail address and have a credit card put on file for payments when required.

If any of these services are included with your website, don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your business. These changes go into effect next week so don’t get left out and have customers not able to find you using your website. Google offers a guide for you to get started or you can skip the frustration and let the pros handle this for you! Give us a call at 717-814-8658 or send us a message.

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