The holidays are nearly upon us and as always tech items are in demand. So if you are not sure what is hot and what is not here are some ideas to help you out.

Some of what is popular should be no surprise. Assistants like Alexa and the Amazon Echo are in demand. Gaming is moving towards the virtual realm and VR sets are becoming sought after. Smart technology for inside your home that let you control anything from turning the lights on or off to starting your coffee machine with your smartphone are also at the top of the list. Don’t forget the home security devices as well that can be controlled by your smartphone.

Wires have gone the way of the dodo bird so anything from wireless headphones and speakers to wireless range extenders are hot. Of course don’t forget bluetooth, who have the solution for those annoying times when you lose anything and just can’t find it. With the holiday season upon us that will mean New Year’s resolutions will be in order and a FitBit or Apple Watch could be just what the doctor ordered to help anyone keep those resolutions and a GoPro camera can help that person record their trips for later viewing.

Tech is making our lives easier. Tired of cleaning the house? The Roomba can vacuum your house for you and your can even control it with your smartphone. You can even get a Grillbot, which can make cleaning your grill a snap. Going camping but don’t want to have your devices run out of power? The BioLite Camp Stove 2 will help you keep them charged by burning wood and can also boil water! Camping might seem more exciting now. Of course to go camping means traveling so a GPS unit will always come in handy for those who do not know where they are going and for those who say that they do but really don’t.

Of course devices, be it a tablet computer like an iPad or a laptop computer always make great gifts. An iPad, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Microsoft Surface make for a great gifts for anyone who wants a tablet. For a smartphone consider the Apple iPhone X and the Galaxy S8 smartphones or even Google’s Pixel 2 XL for use with Android. For the hard to shop for uber computer nerd an external hard drive is always useful. Or maybe they would like a drone like a DJI Spark, a great entry level product.

But don’t forget that what is retro is trendy so it might be a good idea to snap up the Nintendo Super NES Classic. Nintendo also released the Switch game console with a 6.2 inch screen and detachable controllers. Don’t forget as well that Microsoft released the Xbox One X. For the sci-fi nerds, consider the Sphero R2-D2, a remote controlled version of the famous droid that Star Wars fans will enjoy for hours and hours and it can be controlled by an app. If you have a gamer in the family consider the Samsung CHG90 curved 49-inch gaming monitor. You will become someone’s favorite with that gift for sure or you could treat yourself! Your choice.

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