Your website is a valuable tool for your business. It is an employee that does not need benefits, works 24/7 and does not need a coffee or bathroom break. But people have to go to your site in order for it to be effective. There are a lot of ways to increase traffic to your site and many of them are relatively easy and free (or at least inexpensive) to do. So what can you do?

Social Media

Social media can be a boon to your website. Accounts on most platforms for both businesses and for individuals allow for the attachment of a website to that profile. Since many people turn to social media first to find something it can be an easy way to generate traffic to your website, whether it is through the direct link in the profile or through linked content posted to that profile.

Now that also means tailoring content to that particular platform. What works for your Facebook or Twitter account might not work for Pinterest or Instagram. And don’t forget to post content to your LinkedIn account too! If you don’t have an account there you should probably create one.


This method is of course not free but it can, if done correctly, be very effective. Social media platforms allow for advertisements, in fact this is why most of them are still solvent, and it is a great way to reach potential customers and generate traffic to your website. 

How you go about this depends on what you want to do. Do you simply want to generate more traffic to your website or do you want to turn that traffic into more conversions. You will need to figure out what keywords you want to stress and you will need to do it well. Competition here can be fierce.

Have A Good Blog

Want people to visit your website? Creating fresh and interesting content can be a great way to generate new traffic to your site. Grab potential visitors attention with a good headline so potential visitors will find it irresistible but it is more than just the headline. Make sure that the content follows through, whether the content is informative or it is unique, like an interview with someone or your own video content. No one likes clickbait and while that may generate traffic to your site temporarily good content will keep visitors coming back.

Another easy way is to host guest blog posts. At Nicely Done Sites we just recently hosted a guest blog post (click here to read it) from Termageddon, a service that helps generate privacy policies for websites. For anyone who read it they are now aware of Termageddon and may visit their site to check out what they have to offer. This has the potential to generate traffic to your site and it can lead to conversions as well.


There is another way to find a website and that is through a search engine. Getting your website at the top of the search engine is still a very effective way for people to find your website but getting to the top is not easy. How can you get there? Search Engine Optimization

The content on your website can be optimized for search engines and there are many ways to do it. Do it through the content, through your images, alternate text, keywords and several other easy ways that cost you nothing other than a few extra seconds. 

A Responsive Site

Your website can help you or it can hurt you. No one wants to visit a website that is slow to load and no one wants to have to sit and wait for your content to load. That may generate traffic to your website in the most general sense but it will likely be someone who will get nothing out of it and close the page before they have the chance to become a conversion. 

Your site needs to load quickly and it needs to be optimized for all devices. Fewer people view websites on a PC or a laptop anymore. With more people viewing the web through a smartphone or tablet your website needs to be optimized for that. Is yours? If your website was created by Nicely Done Sites it has been. Don’t forget to optimize images and videos for the web so that your site loads faster too.

Be Active In Comments Sections

There are a lot of industry specific websites or social media groups out there. Are you a member of those sites? It is an easy way to find people that are in need of the services that you offer. If you are a member you might be the first person that someone who is in need of a service that you offer comes in contact with. Chances are when you give them your information they will visit your website. It may not generate a conversion but it gives you a chance to. 

This of course takes time and may require a membership fee to a website. You may not have the time to do this and that is fine. There is another way to do this; do good work. Happy customers can do this for you as well!

At Nicely Done Sites we get it, you are busy running your business. You may not be able to hire a dedicated employee to do this as well. We can help you with this, whether it is blog content, social media, creating and optimizing media, SEO optimization and advertising and more. If you want to generate more traffic to your website we can do more for you than just building your website.

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