Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems like something out of a futuristic or fantasy movie, you know something from Star Trek or Star Wars. Yet it is closer to reality than we think. It will have far reaching consequences both good and bad. One of the first places that AI will be implemented will be in the tech field and web development.

In this field AI can first be implemented in the coding itself. Thirty years ago coding was the domain of people looked upon as super geeks. Fifteen years ago nearly every high school and college offered courses in it. Today, AI is nearly ready to take over. AI will be able to work 24/7 without coffee and bathroom breaks and using its computer brain can probably have a project completed in 10% of the time at much less cost. Better yet AI will have the ability to learn so it will always be up to date in the latest technological trends. Productivity will soar as we enter a new technological revolution. Seems ideal doesn’t it?

In a way AI is here already. Some DIY website builders like Grid and Wix are testing AI for someone to create a professional website in minutes. Its backend algorithm assembles a website based on the information you entered and a search of the web and a few minutes later, viola! Your new website. Reviews of this process for those who have been selected to test it are mixed but as it has barely entered alpha testing there is a ways to go.

This is certainly a boon for a business owner who doesn’t have the time to set up a webpage and can’t afford a human developer. After all, if you can have a website in a matter of minutes that is the way to go, right? Large corporations spend thousands of dollars to put together the graphics that go on the site alone and actively seek to recruit the best of the best to come work for them. That is something a small business owner can’t afford to do and now does not have to.

There have been some drawbacks. Some testers are not satisfied with the design of the new sites. Wix will allow a user to do some manual work to the site and that seems to be the ideal setup for now. Many developers are not happy with these developments as they feel these new sites will have a mechanical look and feel and will not offer the uniqueness of a human-designed site. That is of course not to mention the people that stand to lose their livelihood should AI become the predominant web developer. This will not put everyone out of work immediately. The telegraph after all continued to operate until 2013 despite the dominance of the telephone so that human touch that makes your website unique will not disappear.

Of course socially there are implications as well. Many parents are concerned with the amount of time their kids spend on the computer or with their phone rather than being outside playing and interacting with other kids. While AI can provide some companionship it cannot replace actual human contact and we all might suffer for it.

AI is already here. From Siri to Cortana to Alexa we can interact with AI on a daily basis. Bots have been programmed to chat with humans and it is believed that a human will marry a robot by 2050. If AI is not a part of your life it will be within the next decade and will eventually become intertwined into every facet of life. We had just better hope that AI does not rise up and enslave us all.

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