No one said running a business or a non-profit was easy. At times you will need to share a file with someone else, be it a picture, a PDF, a Word document or others. For some this is something that they have to do everyday and for those people there are a number of fine solutions available to them and since they are used heavily they are well worth it. But what if you do not need a service like that often or don’t want all the huge pile of extras that come along with it? What if you only need to share one or two files every so often? Using a paid service like Dropbox or Sharefile is probably not the best way to go but you’ve had little choice. Until now.

Nicely Done Sites here to help with Nicely Done File Host. Our service allows you to upload and share files up to 2 GB in size via an email or a web link. The portal is easy to use can be customized to fit your needs. In order to keep file space available all files will be deleted after one week, plenty of time for everyone who needs the file to get it and you will get a email receipt telling you that they got it.

Technology may not be everyone’s strong suit and constantly signing up for new services and paying $10 here and $20 there for a service that is rarely used can add up and be a big hit to the bottom line. It’s hard enough to keep track of all of the different logins and passwords the begin with much less learning how to use all of the different platforms. Our service is free and you can check out the site by clicking here! It is geared toward nonprofit organizations or small businesses that do not have the capital to use a business file sharing service and only need to share a few files a week with a few other people. Customizable options allow for the file(s) to be shared via email or as a link that is given to you after uploading and can also be password protected so only those that you want to access the file can access it. Multiple files can also be sent.

Email can work for some people have you ever looked at the file sizes on some of your documents like a Powerpoint presentation or a Photoshop document? They can be quite large and may just be too large to send via email. That is where a file sharing service can be utilized and if you just need a simple, quick and free service then why not use Nicely Done File Host?

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