You have a lot of Twitter followers, but how many of your customers are finding you through it?

Social media has changed the way people and companies do business. It provides a cheap and easy way to get a message out to interested clients or potential customers. Many businesses pride themselves on how many Facebook or Twitter followers they have and that they are doing a great job reaching new customers but are they really?

Have you ever actually looked through your list of followers? It is easy for anyone in the world to follow you but if you are a local auto garage that follower from China is not doing you any good. Some of those followers might not even be real people, it is possible that as many as 5% of all Twitter accounts are bots and not people so it is possible that some bots are following you as we speak. Some people just want you to follow them back just so they can have more followers. Even worse some may be from a competitor trying to gain any insight into what their competition is up to (you can do the same to them don’t forget). Whatever it is that you are selling is not reaching them the way it should all the while real potential customers are out there.

There are hundreds of millions of Twitter users so ultimately there is someone out there that would be a potential customer, you just have to reach them. Creating and using keywords and hashtags are key (pun intended) to getting potential customers to your Twitter feed. This can be as simple as your business name, keywords relating to what you do or even your competitors. Use these in the search field to find potential customers and engage them by retweeting their content and mentioning them with the @ symbol. You can also use the @ symbol to invite them to follow you and engage them to find a solution if you can help. You can use the search to narrow it to people in your area.

Social media can be an easy way for you to track what you or your potential customers like. You can find all of this information out for free and usually very quickly through which hashtags are trending. If your customers are into baseball then maybe dangle tickets to see the local team play.

Once you have a follower that is a potential client you will want to keep them engaged so they don’t forget about you. Of course retweeting their posts or tweeting at them helps but there are other things to do. Contests or polls can help gain valuable information as to what your customers are thinking and could give them a reward at the end. The people who take part in these are usually people who are interested in what you do or what you sell so you will have an idea who some of your customers are. Ask your customers questions, after all what could be easier than them simply telling you what they are looking for. Share tips and trivia, one small bit of information can sometimes make a world of difference.

Real customers are out there in the Twitterverse you just have to find them. Just because someone is following you does not mean that they are interested in buying whatever goods or services you offer. Building potential good leads is one of the hardest things to do in a business but can be one of the most rewarding parts of it. Twitter can make an excellent tool not only in finding those leads but finding what your customers are interested in but it is just that, a tool and not the entire toolbox.

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