For any business the best way to move up in the search engine rankings using white hat methods is to publish fresh blog content as often as possible. While doing that can help with search engine optimization (SEO) blogs also serve another purpose and that is to draw readers to your site and establish yourself as an expert in your field. There are some things that you can do to not only draw people to your company’s blog but to also help make it stand out.

While the content itself is important the headline will grab the reader’s attention. This has not changed since the heyday of newspapers and which is why major papers still employ people whose sole job is to write headlines. Grabbing a reader’s attention and getting them to click on your blog post is half the battle right there. Knowing what your readers would like to know about is important and a headline can be used to grab their attention.

Once a visitor has clicked on the blog their attention needs to remain on the page. The layout of the page should be professional and not cluttered. The visitor’s attention should be on what you’ve written and not all of the little extras on a sidebar or header. That can come later. Using a picture can also help to keep a user interested. Many people are auditory learners and being able to visualize what something or someone looks like can be extremely helpful for them. Photos, other types of graphics or other types of media like video or audio files can also be placed in the post as well.

Now that you have a visitor interested what is written on that page can seal the deal. The topic should be informative or entertaining. There should be some meat on the bones and any post should avoid being simply clickbait. If a topic is interesting that visitor may share your blog with someone else, especially if they know that other person is interested in that topic. Knowing what topics are hot at the time can help bring in readers and by placing keywords in the content it can help to boost your SEO ranking. If that is done effectively your readers will never know it is being done. Of course not every topic will be a hit with your visitors. Not every novel that Stephen King has written has been great and not every film Steven Spielberg has directed has won an Academy Award.

How the page is laid out is also important. When in doubt keep a paragraph short. Huge blocks of content tend to scare away readers. If a paragraph is large it could be better to break it down into bullet points to make it more visually appealing. Also place links in your content. Not only does that help with SEO but it can also direct a reader to another part of your page or another webpage that can backup your ideas. It not only helps to maintain your credibility if you are referring to a news story or need to cite figures or a study.

To help bring your blog to as many eyes as possible an app can be set up to post notifications of new content on social media. Not only will that keep the social media page constantly updated but it can drive your current fans and customers back to your page thereby keeping you in their minds. Newer social media fans will see this and could potentially find your website for the first time.

Creating good content can take time. To properly research a topic and provide the appropriate extras to help boost your page will be time consuming. Having to do this potentially several times a week can seem daunting and may require time that you just simply do not have. Your core fans will notice when a post is missed and you may hear about it. Hey, coming up with fresh topics is not as easy as it seems.

If you would like blog content for your website Nicely Done Sites can help. We can help you with SEO optimization as well as providing fresh content that meets your schedule. Having a well-maintained blog can be a boon for your business, not just for SEO rankings but by helping to bring eyeballs to your webpage. It is not an easy process and writing blog content is not something that everyone can do. If it is something that you are interested for your webpage or is something that you’ve tried but just didn’t seem to have the knack for give Nicely Done Sites a call and we can help you out.

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