Microsoft warning Windows users not to install Chrome or Firefox

Do you use Windows? Probably. Do you use Edge? Probably not. That is something that has troubled Microsoft for awhile and the problem predates Edge going back to Internet Explorer. While Edge has been a dramatic improvement other browsers like Chrome or Firefox have surpassed it, not only in features and usability but in performance as well which has prompted many users to, well, use those browsers. Microsoft is understandably not happy about that and appears to be doing something about that.

New update pushing users to Edge

As a part of an upcoming update later this month a message will appear when a user tries to install a non-Microsoft browser on their computer. The user will be told that they already have the safest and fastest browser available installed. Granted it is just a pop-up ad and to some degree those messages are already a part of Windows 10 as Microsoft wants users to use Edge but beta testers are already finding it annoying.

What will happen? Certainly some more novice users will cancel the install and use Edge so Microsoft’s share of the browser market should increase. More than likely though most users will simply ignore the prompt and continue to use their browser of choice.

Good marketing or desperation?

Microsoft has good reason to do this. Of course Edge is preloaded in Windows along with several other bits of software. Microsoft developers spent a lot of time designing and integrating these apps and programs and no one does want to see their time and effort go to waste. With advertising being a part of these browsers and some apps the more people that use them the more money Microsoft can rake in.

In all probability this will not dissuade Chrome or Firefox users from switching. Some of those users have utilized those browsers for years and are familiar with them. They are not going to switch and are probably only going to find these annoying. Users migrated away from Internet Explorer for years to better browsers which surpassed Microsoft’s product with more functional products. That prompted Microsoft to invest a lot of time and effort into the browser we know as Edge which has never taken off despite being installed on every Windows computer.

A sneaky way to gain market share?

With both of those browsers having a much better market share than Edge it is no surprise that Microsoft is trying to do something to level the playing field. Is this an act of desperation or is this just a plea for users to give it a try? Edge has incorporated several parts of what makes other browsers popular like tabbed browsing but other browsers have proven to be far more innovative.

Is Edge really faster and safer?

Last, is what Microsoft claims true? Is Edge faster and safer than Chrome or Firefox? Well check out this review from Business News Daily or from the UK’s IT Pro. It appears that Google Chrome is still the best and that is reflected by its 50% market share. Edge is certainly a huge step up from Internet Explorer but it has a ways to go still to regain its status as king of the hill.

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