Everyone loves snacks, especially us here in South Central Pennsylvania. There is a reason this area is known as the Junk Food Capital of the US. For every time that we have laid on the couch watching our favorite TV show, movie or sporting event (including a big one this weekend!) and had to get a new snack we’ve always wanted something that could do it for us. Children can substitute for only so long so a robot is the way to go. Unfortunately that has been seen as science fiction, until now.

Well sort of…

Meet Snackbot

A few weeks ago PepsiCo unveiled a snack carrying robot – or snackbot – at the University of the Pacific campus in Stockton, California. The snackbot was developed by Robby Technologies will carry products from PepsiCo’s Hello Goodness portfolio like Baked Lays Potato Chips, Pure Leaf Tea and the sure to be a hit Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee.

Students can place an order through an app linked to a valid university email address and meet the robot anywhere on campus to have to delivered between 9AM and 5PM. No beer though for late night partying or after taking in a Tigers’ basketball game.

College students love this

A similar effort has already been introduced at the University of California-Berkeley campus. Students there called the robot a “hero” and a “legend” in true college student fashion and when one of the robots caught fire due to a battery malfunction a vigil was held for it.

A hit in the Bay Area

Robots from Robby Technologies have been delivering food in the Bay Area since 2016. The outer finish is designed to have a warm and inviting look. The robot is able to use infrared cameras to navigate in both daytime and nighttime and has LEDs on the front that glow when it nears a pedestrian to warn them. Of course if that pedestrian has their head stuck in their phone that could be a problem.

The shell is specially designed so that it can make a delivery on the gloomiest day and it can go nearly anywhere. It is able to navigate the hilly streets of San Francisco with ease and thanks to its six wheels it can go up and over curbs. With a range of 20 miles on a single charge it can spend more time delivering than recharging.

Today it starts with college students on campus. Tomorrow it could expand to you. In a few years you could be sitting on the couch, watching your favorite movie and summon your very own snackbot so that you don’t need to pause the movie or miss a second. This is just the beginning too, snackbot could turn into drinkbot and become a tailgating or party sensation.

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