Why now is the best time to buy a computer

When a car’s model year comes to an end and a new model year is introduced dealers will inevitably offer great incentives to liquidate their unsold inventory. Chances are you have heard advertisements on TV or the radio for this and you might have even taken advantage of this at some point. Did you know that the same thing can apply to a computer? If you are looking for a new computer for your home or office now is the best time to buy a new computer.

The reason for this is quite simple. The holiday shopping season is over and it has been for a month. All of that excess inventory that was not sold needs to be moved to clear space for the next wave of models that will be released in March or April and just in time for summer vacation or for that recent grad that is just striking out on their own for the first time. With new models and increased demand comes an increase in the price. It is basic economics.

Right now retailers have inventory that needs to go and they may be willing to offer an excellent deal on that desktop, laptop or tablet that you have been eying. Some of these models may have been overstocked and some product lines may have been discontinued. January and February are a buyer’s market. Retailers are looking to clear as much inventory so that they can not only sell the latest and greatest to recent graduates but also as part of back to school sales at the end of the summer. What does not get sold at this time is usually priced to move around the holidays. Some believe that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best time since machines are priced to go and are almost guaranteed to be in stock but the inventory that is left over from that is usually harder to push and that can only benefit the smart and savvy shopper.

The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up a few weeks ago. It showed the latest and greatest of what is coming not only in 2018 but in the near future. There is plenty of buzz about what was seen there and lets face it people like tech gadgets. Consumers are anxiously awaiting the release of the latest and greatest and most consumers who want a new computer are content to wait until the new model is released. They want the latest and greatest. For someone who just wants a computer and may not need the most up-to-date model it is time for you to take advantage and get yourself a sweetheart deal.

The price of a good computer nowadays is nowhere near as expensive as it used to be so you, the consumer, can get even more bang for your buck. If you just want a laptop and not a 2-in-1 model with maglev keyboard and HDR support then now is the time to go shopping! If you need a desktop for word processing or ecommerce and not gaming why wait?

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