No one likes to have a crack on their screen. Whether it is a sign of clumsiness or just plain bad luck that crack can be bothersome. Some people tolerate it better than others but those days may be coming to an end. Yes, cracked screens may soon be a thing of the past thanks to Diamond glass.

New technology in development by Akhan Semiconductor is being dubbed Miraj Diamond Glass. It uses a nanocrystal pattern that randomly arranges the crystals which will lessen the chance of deep cracks forming and damaging everything underneath. It uses lab-created diamonds to create a super-strong material to cover the sensitive electronics of any device.

Gorilla Glass vs. Diamond Glass

What is used now is known as Gorilla glass. It is a shatterproof coating with sapphire crystal toppers that is designed to help stop cracks from forming. Developed by Corning Glass in Corning, NY it can be found on 4.5 billion devices worldwide. It is advertised as being able to survive a fall of around 5 feet (selfie height) onto a rough surface 80% of the time. Of course cracks still form, your device may attest to that.

Diamond glass has entered testing according to its CEO and once that is complete a manufacturing plan will be needed. Diamond glass can also be applied to Gorilla glass as a top coating to make a device’s screen super strong. It may have another benefit as engineers are working on ways to reduce glare, which will allow users to reduce the brightness of the screen and therefore extend battery life. Akhan plans to start development with a single vendor and a single phone to see how things go.

Don’t hold your breath

Of course this will not come cheap, at least not initially and it would certainly be introduced with a more high-end device. Throw in the fact that diamond glass will not be made available until 2019 at the earliest it is making many consumers curious at least. For some you may be thinking that you’ve heard this before. Akhan had initially touted a 2017 release which did not come to fruition but as with any new technological innovation it takes time.

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