Everyone loves pizza. Well, maybe not everyone but at least most people like it. We here at Nicely Done Sites like pizza. Perhaps we eat a bit too much of it but hey, you only live once. Getting pizza today has never been easier and thanks to technology it has now become even easier.

Ordering A Pizza Is Easy

We have all been there. After a long day at work we really don’t feel like cooking so what do you do? Stop in at a fast food spot for a burger? Some do but many people pick up the phone and order a pizza. Or maybe you do it through a website. Either way the local parlor can get started on your order and it will cook while you drive so when you get there it will be ready and you lose very little time getting home. This has gotten even easier as you can now order a pizza while stopped at a stoplight.


General Motors’ Marketplace system allows users to add specific channels to their infotainment system in the vehicle. A commercial side was added to allow the driver the ability to order coffee and doughnuts through the system. Last year Chevrolet partnered with Shell to allow users to prepay for gas and now, this has now evolved to order pizza.

Chevrolet and Domino’s Pizza have partnered to allow a driver to order a pizza through their Marketplace system. Users will need to sign up through Domino’s website or app, which will store payment information and an address for delivery. It will also store previous orders as well to allow for quick ordering. Domino’s is the #2 pizza seller in the US behind only Pizza Hut in regards to unit sales and the #1 seller by gross sales so this could be a major boost for them.


A decade ago the ability to order something like a pizza through an app was a huge deal. It is amazing to see how far we have come in the past decade and it is kind of fun to speculate and dream of what we will be able to do in another 10 years. Of course this technology will be able to be adapted to many other products as well and with the good possibility of increased drone delivery means we may never need to leave our homes to do anything other than go to work or have fun. 

Unfortunately no one at Nicely Done Sites drives a Chevrolet with this system installed so for now we will still need to pick up the phone and order a delicious pie. But we are content in knowing that it is a matter of time until we can do this.

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