People love tech. Did you know that your pet can love tech as well? It can and there has never been a better time than now to get your furry friend involved. Tech for pets is much more than just an automated toy to play with and many gadgets can help your pet lead a longer and healthier life.

2018 has brought us numerous pet innovations. For people wearable tech has helped to revolutionize exercise and now your pet can use wearable tech as well. Devices can help monitor a pet’s activity so that you can know if they are getting enough sleep and exercise through the day when you are not there. Trackers like PitPat work just like a FitBit and can send data to a smartphone app. Another tracker, FitBark can allow the family vet to keep tabs on a dog’s health. If you are spending time outdoors the risk of your pet falling in the water can be high. The Safety Turtle attaches to a pet’s collar and sounds an alarm if your pet falls in the water and the kit includes wristbands for kids as well. Eating right is a big deal and the SmartBowl can be used to control the amount of food a pet is fed, based on the size of the pet. It is controlled by an app and works with Bluetooth.

Your pet misses you when you are not home. At least we like to think they do. For all we know your pet turns on the TV and pops a bottle of champagne before inviting other pets over to play cards. Now you can find out. Petzi is a webcam that allows someone to see what their pets are doing. It is attached to a wall and can dispense treats so when they hear their human’s voice they will come to the webcam. It also comes with night vision and images can be shared on social media as well. Another device called PetChatz works along the same lines. For animals that spend time outside, particularly cats, the Eyenimal Cat Videocam can be used to see what your pet does when they roam around outside and the trouble that they get themselves into. The PetCube works along much of the same lines with a webcam to talk to your pet and record video along with a laser to keep them entertained. Dog owners will love the GoPro Fetch will can be strapped to a dog and is waterproof. Enjoy that dog’s eye view.

Animals like to play and your dog is no different. The iFetch can automate the game of fetch and can pick up for you when your arm gets tired. It can be left on when you go to work so that your dog can play when they like. Another toy is the easyPlay, which uses an app to move it around the house and records video to share with others. It can also dispense treats so your dog will stay engaged and active. Cats are not left out with the FroliCat Bolt, an automated laser pointer that will keep your feline friend active with a never ending source of fun. Cats will also enjoy the ProFlight Pathera Cat Drone which dangles something in front of them and has a camera so their human can watch them have fun. It has an avoidance system built in as well a a auto altitude setting so everything else in the room will remain in one piece and in its rightful place and is perfectly safe to use indoors. Dogs also like games and the CleverPet is the doggie version of the old game Simon. It is wi-fi controlled and if the pet presses the buttons in the correct order then a treat is released. A recording of their human’s voice can be recorded as well.

Tech has allowed us to place trackers so we will never lose our phones again. Well, now you can never lose your pet again. The Tabcat attaches to a collar and transmits to a receiver that changes color depending on how close you are to the animal. The Whistle GPS tracker will allow a human to see where their pet is in real time and can alert their human through an app when the dog leaves a designated area. For people in the dog sitting business PetCheck is a must. It is dog management software that allows owners to keep track of when you spend time with their pet or take them for a walk and can even handle the billing for you.

Humans worry about leaving a pet behind when they go out of town for a few days. Will the person covering feed them properly? Will they be able to give out any medicine appropriately? Now you don’t have to worry. The Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder can be loaded with food, treats and medicine and when connected to a computer can be programmed to dispense them at the appropriate time. A recording of their human can be set up so they will come a running. An app included with it also lets you monitor a pet’s diet over time and the device works even if the Internet doesn’t.

That’s quite a bit of tech for your four-legged friends! But just remember that there is no substitute for good old fashioned human/pet quality time. Your pet likes to be around you!

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