The Burning Bridge Tavern Tavern/Bar Website

The Burning Bridge Tavern is the place to be if you are in the Wrightsville area.  Fresh food and an excellent variety of beer and drinks to enjoy!  All the meat they prepare and serve is raised locally and one bite is all you’ll need to know you’ve had the best burger in York County!

The Challenge

The Burning Bridge Tavern had a site already, but needed someone to help keep it updated, and also a bit more pleasing on the eyes.  We needed to execute this in a quick manner, and also manage the transfer/migration from their old site’s domain.

The Solution

We proposed a darker theme to compliment the “Honky-Tonk” look they wanted to achieve.  The background image was taken at a local farm, Barefoot Farms, out in Dover, PA.  We also suggested an image rich menu and full events feed for upcoming shows.  Last but not least, responsive code was used to make sure every device gets the message fully!

The Result

The new site is awesome!  Many of the bands that play the BBT stage are happy to hear there is a new way to help get the word out and bring more people in to experience live music!  We added a form to help bands contact the management and plan to build a featured bands page to showcase them even further!  BBT currently retains our services for training and updates.

Client The Burning Bridge Tavern
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