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A good friend of mine in Denmark needed help on another eCig website he had planned to create, Ecig tilbud. (  He needed assistance getting WordPress configured, the theme installed and various plugins set up to perform various tasks.  We happily obliged with a quick solution and in the end, a Nicely Done Site!

The Challenge

The Ecig tilbud project had a low budget to work with, but also only required us to get the site’s styles and functions working properly, as they planned to make all the posts and add all the content.  Getting it done rapidly, having areas for ads, and making sure all auto-posts and plugins were working well was the main challenge.

The Solution

We selected an excellent theme for this project, that gave them the ad space they wanted, and a great deal of room for all the awesome posts they had been preparing for the site.  As always we also made sure the site was fully responsive, with social media commenting to protect from spam.

The Result’s new home is everything they wanted and has the ability to keep up with the changing technology of the months and years to come.  We are still adding new features currently and will continue to work on the site well into the future.

Client Ecig Tilbud
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