Emerald Triangle Bakery Flyers Redefining Gourmet Edibles

After building their original site for them way back in late 2010 it was time to get some marketing material made.  These two sided flyers were just what they needed to get their products known and promoted in their sales areas.

The Challenge

Design a flyer that was compact but still got all of their main products included on the two faces of the stock.  The size to stay within was around that of a bar/night club flyer.

The Solution

Using Photoshop and some skill we got all of their products featured on the flyer with room to spare.  We added links to their social pages as well to help get them more likes and followers!

The Result

The final proof was reached in only 2 tries!  We got them the results they needed all in an excellent design and size.  They were printed up and are now in circulation around the Oakland Area!

Client Ben Saroni
Websites http://emeraldtribake.com
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