Our Services are vast and have many different layers to them, but at the same time are simple and straight-forward.  Whether you need some one time help, or want to keep us on with a retainer  we have you covered.  Since every business has unique individual needs we adapt to that thought and keep things open to change at will, once needed.  Our developers are very skilled and ready to take on their next challenge, here are some of the areas we specialize in but are certainly not limited to!

Web Development

We are ready to provide you with the best and most recent code the web uses, including:

  • PHP, HTML5 /CSS3 Development
  • Wordpress Development
  • Joomla Development

Graphic Design

Need your image updated?  We can brand you and even help you with marketing as well!

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity / Branding
  • Flyers, Mailers and Business Cards


Buying on the web is even more popular that in store shopping anymore, we can get you selling fast!

  • WooCommerce Framework
  • Magento Solutions
  • Opencart

Mobile and Web Applications

Get an app made for your business!!!  It’s the best way to get users engaged on a regular basis and keep them with you!

  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Web Applications and Solutions

Our Solution Process

Step 1 Meet and Plan

Planning is a critical step for a successful web site launch. Together we’ll map out the specifics of your project. This includes creating a site map, content categorization & levels of navigation. Next we set up the technical and administrative steps including your domain name, web hosting, credit card processing, etc. We also work with you in developing the overall appearance and feel of your project.

Step 2 Collect and Prepare Content

Web site content includes items such as logos, artwork, photos, text, and site content from you. People often underestimate the amount of content that will be required. Excess content can help with flexibility as editing and content decisions come up. Here is a summary of  things we need to set up a web site. An important but often neglected step is to do 301 forwarding for pages from your existing web site, because without that, all the search engine momentum you’ve built up will evaporate.

Step 3 Design

In this phase we will review all of the materials collected during the second phase and will transform them into a mockup layout incorporating your logos, images, and text. The flow of the design process generally starts with logo, and proceeds to identity materials, homepage, sub-pages, additional custom graphics and flash or video content. If stock images are required, we will insert trial copies of those for review.
To streamline the development process, we will keep you updated on the design direction of the project for redirection and refinement. It is necessary for client communications to be maintained during this phase in order for the design process to progress in an efficient and timely manner.

Step 4 Development

For this phase we transform the mockups into working, functional pages. This phase cannot be completed until all content has been submitted, because it is during this phase that all the content will be put into the site. Images & video will be sized and the framework of computer code generated. The site will be placed on a beta server and will be available for your feedback.

Step 5 Beta Test

We will then test your site extensively on various platforms to assure it is functioning properly. Then it is presented to you for your final review and approval. This phase allows for any further issues with the site to be fixed before launch.  At this point you can send out a beta link to a select group friends, family, and associates. This is the final testing phase before doing the public launch

Step 6 Site Launch and Promotion

Once all the final  details are finished, we get your new site setup with some Google Analytics code so we can track the sites traffic, and much more!  At this time we also get a press release ready for your sites launch to go with our announcements at our site and Facebook page.  We also start any marketing strategy or campaigns we have discussed leading up to launch.  We can help provide Google AdWords and Facebook maintenance

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