So you have had a great idea for a business and you want to promote it with a website? There are a lot of things that you should do at the start of that process and one of the biggest is to select a domain name for your website and purchase it. Until you do so you cannot begin to build your website to promote yourself and you really can’t begin to make stationary or business cards. You even get a SEO boost too! It is one of the most important things that you can do for your business and a recent event underscores this.

A Political Example

At Nicely Done Sites we do not want to be overly political. We have built websites for Democrats and we have built websites for Republicans. We’ve also built sites for people who don’t care one way or the other. But this issue is something that we (and plenty of others) have preached for some time and we feel that this gives a great opportunity to highlight it.

Next year is a presidential election if you haven’t heard and while the Republican side more or less has their candidate the Democrat field has not been decided. It is important for the candidates to reach out to different segments of the population to spread their message and to encourage those groups to vote for them, not only in the primary but should they win that for the general election next year at this time. We hope that you are ready to be bombarded by political ads. 

The Spanish speaking community in this nation is growing and they are a large and important voting block in many states. Reaching out to them is a major goal of every political campaign, both Republican and Democrat. So it is no surprise that former Vice President Joe Biden wanted to do just that announcing his new website (all with Biden) in late October with very little fanfare on YouTube.

Todos Con Biden

Biden’s team had started the trend #todosconbiden on Twitter to promote his outreach efforts and it was expected that a website would not be far behind. The Twitter effort was hijacked and used to make fun of not only Biden but also other presidential candidates like Julian Castro. That should have been fair warning for Biden’s team that trouble could be afoot.

There was one major problem for Biden. His team had not purchased yet and Donald Trump’s team was able to snatch it up. What should have been a key tool for the Biden campaign now makes fun of Biden and the user is given two options, to Vamos or Let’s Go and both lead to a Latinos For Trump’s webpage. Trump’s team also claimed the Facebook and Twitter accounts for this and posted some very damaging footage of Biden.

All Is Fair In Love And Politics

All is fair in love and politics it seems and if Biden’s team was not sharp enough to claim these assets off of the bat this is a major failure on their part that almost reeks of incompetence. The social media profiles are free to claim and the cost of registering a web domain pales in comparison to what a presidential campaign has in its warchest. 

But This Could Simply Be Payback 

The Trump campaign suffered its own setback earlier this year when they were promoting their Vamos To Victory initiative only to see the Latino Victory Fund purchase, which redirects to the Latino Victory Fund’s webpage which goes after Trump. Biden’s campaign also claimed the VamosToVictory Twitter handle in retaliation of this recent event. The Trump campaign claimed that the use of Vamos To Victory was a one time effort and is either not concerned or is downplaying it. Considering the Trump campaign’s technical savvy it seems the former may be the case.

Secure The Domain ASAP

While this may just be political payback it certainly is political one upmanship and it presents an important lesson for everyone when it comes to web domains. Purchasing your web domain should be one of the first things that you do. In many fields competition is fierce and if a competitor gets wind of a business about to start up they could very easily snatch up related domains putting you in a bind.

When you select a domain you want to have an easy to remember domain. You also want an easy to type domain. Of course you also want a related domain. By securing your domain early in the process you can get the best selection available and you can make your life a lot easier. It’s not hard and it is not expensive. If you need help, Nicely Done Sites can help.

While your business may not be as competitive as the presidential election this is a major embarrassment. Learn from Joe Biden and do better. It is not hard to do so. And don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

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