Here we are once again detailing the worst passwords used during the previous year. The data is determined from information that came from data breaches and boy, did we have a lot of them in 2018. The list was compiled by SplashData, as they do every year so without further ado, what were the worst passwords in use?

Drumroll please…

Many of the same favorites once again make a return to the list. Some of the oldies but baddies include admin, welcome, abc123, qwerty, 12345 and its many variations (c’mon people you’re not fooling anyone) and the password that people just refuse to stop using that is password. Quite frankly if you are using this as your password you deserve to be hacked. The most common password (or you could say the worst) was 123456, which was found to be used by 3% of the people examined.

Some of the newcomers to the list include 666666 and donald. Other variations of the most commonly used passwords can be found as well so you’re not fooling anyone so using password1 or passw0rd doesn’t cut it. Other popular names turned passwords include tigger, joshua, jordan, solo, ginger, jessica, harley, george, thomas, hannah, daniel, buster, bailey and charlie. On the heels of the Solo movie solo jumped up 15 spots from #60 to #45. No love for Chewbacca though. Maybe next year.

New become old and old become new

The good news is that some clunkers of a password have fallen out of use. One of the new favorite passwords of 2017, trustno1, fell from #25 to #79. Number 52 of 2017 fuckyou dropped off of the top 100 as did #34 asshole. So at least the potty mouths are gone. Another notable drop was 2017 #7 letmein which fell to #43 in 2018. Starwars took a plunge, going from #16 in 2017 to #60. A newcomer biteme rounded out the top 100 in 2018 replacing thunder.

Are you using a strong password?

Using a good strong password can go a long way towards keeping anything secure. Unfortunately it seems like few people heed this, from top executives, celebrities, government officials and the common person.

At Nicely Done Sites we cannot stress enough how much a strong password combined with encryption can do to keep your website secure. The security of the hosting server though is only as strong as the weakest link, which is why we put so much emphasis on using long and complex passwords. We are not trying to make your life difficult when we give you that password. We are doing to keep your website and everyone else’s on the server as secure as possible.

Weak passwords affect everyone

While you might get a chuckle out of people using weak or easy to guess passwords on this list the people who use them present a real danger to the rest of us. Some of the people that use these weak passwords can themselves affect your life in a major way, be it a corporate CEO or a politician. It just shows that we all need to take our cybersecurity much more seriously. And it is not just American politicians, but it is easy to point the finger at them since so many of them have embarrassed themselves dealing with tech issues in 2018.

Is this likely to change? No. People are lazy and will continue to use the same password for nearly everything. That will probably not change until biometric technology can make the password obsolete. Until then, as the New Year approaches, why not make using stronger and more secure passwords one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

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