It can be hard to keep up with all of the tech that is not only out now but is new for this holiday season. Whether you would like it for yourself or for someone else it can be quite intimidating. So if you are looking for a holiday gift it help to know what are the hot tech items and Nicely Done Sites can help you out.


How many people that you know will make New Year’s Resolutions to get in better shape? Wearable tech has been helping out with that and the FitBit Alta Fitness Tracker may be just the gift for you. It tracks workouts, heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, how long you have been active, your number of steps and it can record how well you are sleeping. For those with busy lives it is also capable of receiving calls and texts. Combine that with a battery that can go a week between charges this could be just what you are looking for to give to anyone into their own personal fitness or someone looking to make a change in their lives.

If you don’t need to receive phone calls or texts while exercising then the FitBit Ionic Smartwatch may be more your style. It tracks your activities, has built in GPS and also plays music for you.

Personal Assistant

Do you like Amazon’s Alexa? Once you have one it can be hard to see how you lived without one. Alexa has gotten better with the Echo Show. Now Alexa can show you rather than just telling you. It can play videos, make and receive video calls, connect to a home security system or just show you a graphic for the day’s weather. It is almost worthy of Star Trek technology! If you are not into video the Echo Plus might be more of what you are looking for or even the new Echo Dot 3rd Generation.

If you are looking for something new try the Google Home Voice Activated Speaker. It encompasses the power of Google to help you organize your day, play music, find answers to questions or just to kill some time by playing fun games. Better yet it can be set up with 6 different Google accounts so everyone in the family can essentially have their own, and it is able to recognize each by voice.


Video games have evolved over the past 20 years and we are now beginning to enter a new realm: virtual reality. A Virtual Reality Headset could be the gift needed for any gamer on your list (or yourself).

Cable TV is changing and streaming services have become almost the norm. The Roku Streaming Stick can allow that cord cutter on your list to be able to stream from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and more. Or maybe the Fire TV Stick 4K is more your style. This also comes with an Alexa Voice Remote as well.

Social Media

Do you or someone you know want to stream video onto social media? Try the Polaroid Cube+ to record video of all of your travels or day to day life. It snaps onto a helmet, a car or whatever you need it to and it can stand up to whatever abuse or weather conditions it needs to. You can record nearly 2 hours of video to share with all of your social media friends. Or Maybe a GoPro HERO7?

Practical Tech

There are all kinds of reasons why a wifi signal can be weak. It you need a boost a range extender could be just what you need and the hot one this holiday season is the TP-Link WiFi Range Extender. It easily plugs into an electrical outlet and can increase your wifi range by up to 10,000 square feet. Or maybe the Google Home WiFi Replacement is what you are looking for. Just don’t forget to secure your wi-fi with a password!

Having a party and need some music but don’t want to run cables all over the place? Check out the Bose SoundLink Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It’s a portable speaker that you can take anywhere and with 12 hours of battery life it will outlast even the toughest party-goer. It is also water-resistant too. Perfect for anyone who throws parties or gets away for relaxing weekends at the beach or in the mountains.

Home security is a huge part of the tech industry and Nest Cams are hot for the holidays. You will be able to monitor your home 24/7 from your smartphone and it can alert you when a motion sensor is triggered and it comes with night vision capabilities so nothing can be hidden from you. You can also use it to talk to your pets while you are at work or on vacation. Other hot holiday options include the TriVision Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera.

You like to keep your home clean but vacuuming is not always the most pleasant thing to do. If this is you or someone you know an iRobot Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot might be what you are looking for. Controllable by a smartphone, it can be programmed to do cleaning while the person is out of the house and it will automatically recharge itself when done. Plus pets love it.

Can tech improve our dental hygiene? Of course it can. The Oral B Pro 7000 Series Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth could be just what you are looking for. Not only can you stay connected to the world while brushing your teeth it incorporates tech to help you get the most out of your dental hygiene. Bluetooth makes anything better!


Tablet or portable computers are all the rage and will certainly make for great gifts for anyone young and old. Several hot items for this holiday season include the Fire HD 10, the Acer Chromebook R11 Convertible or the MacBook Air. For kids try the Fire 10 Kids Tablet.

Don’t forget to also protect that tech with a case. Whether it is a tablet or a smartphone protect it with a case. Oh and don’t forget a portable charger. No one likes to run out of battery and it always happens at just the worst time. Hot for this holiday season is the Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger. It is small and light and can provide 2 ½ full charges for most smartphones and it has 2 USB slots. Perfect for a trip to that remote mountain cabin or for a long airplane flight.


Drones are becoming a part of everyday life. For that person that may be looking to get started consider the DJI Phantom 4 Starter Bundle. Everything you need to get started with your very first drone.

Stuff you never thought you needed

We have all sung in the shower. Some of us are better at it than others. Now you can listen to music in the shower with the VicTsing Shower Speaker. It is waterproof and has a suction cup so you can take it with you when you go on vacation or to your relatives house.

Is getting up in the morning hard to do? Shutting off the alarm is just too easy despite how annoying it is. For everyone who does not use the Old Army method of waking up in the morning consider the Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels. Its alarm will go off and then jump off the nightstand forcing you to catch it and turn it off. With the blood flowing you might as well get up and get ready for work. It’s also great for kids who never want to get up when they are told like on school days.

We’ve all lost something at some point and have spent a great deal of time looking for whatever it is. You can use the Tile Mate now and never lost anything important again. It hooks onto a keyring and can be controlled by a smartphone. It can be set to ring which can make for easier location. It can work the other way as well and by pressing the Tile Mate you can make your phone ring if that gets lost.

Like with cars some people do not care about what their tech looks like as long as it works. Then there are the others who want their tech to be functional and stylish. For any teenage girl on your shopping list the Leather Tassel Lightning Charging Cable combines style and functionality.

Does your pet miss you during the day? The Furbo WiFi Dog Cam provides audio and video so that you can talk to your pet during the day or while on vacation and they can talk back. A dispenser is included for you to load up with treats and dispense them while you are away.

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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