Today you have a password for everything. A password for your computer, passwords for your social media accounts, passwords for your work accounts and much more. Everything has a password. It is not easy to keep up with sometimes and that has led many people to use the same username and password for everything which makes it potentially easier for someone to break into your accounts. At Nicely Done Sites we highly recommend using strong passwords and that is why when we develop a website a strong password is set up on them. But, how can you keep track of all of these usernames and passwords? Use password managers!

What Do Password Managers Do?

Password managers are for the most part pretty simple. They store usernames and passwords so that when you visit a website it will automatically fill it in so you can immediately log in. These passwords are either stored locally on the machine or on the cloud behind a master password and encrypted (which you will need to remember!). Using password managers can make your life so much easier. Or you can just write all of the passwords down on a piece of paper. It’s your choice.

When it comes to using a password manager you have a lot of options. You already have one installed on your computer as most web browsers have one but that only works with that browser and on that computer (and they are accessible to anyone who has access to that computer) though they can be exported as well. In this piece we will detail some of the top password managers that you can use. Whether you want to use a password manager is your choice but they can make your life just a bit easier.


Dashlane is the only password manager with a patent for its security architecture. It can generate instant secure passwords for your account and it allows for quick sign ins over multiple accounts with instant security alerts. It also can auto-fill forms making things just a bit easier for you. Three different tiers are available, a free plan, a premium plan and a plus plan on a monthly basis.


You can manage your passwords like a pro with RoboForm. Log into sites with one click with RoboForm saving all usernames and passwords automatically. It can be used across multiple platforms and operating systems and with all major browsers. It can also be used across multiple devices using cloud syncing and it is also available for offline usage as well (in some versions). It is also easy to manage and your favorite passwords can be pinned for easy access. Several different versions are available for download including a free version.


1Password can remember all of your passwords for you so you can log in to websites with one click and other information can be stored as well like credit card information. One gigabyte of storage is available and everything is easily shared so you don’t have to email it. You also control who you can share this information with and some information can be restricted. It can generate a strong and secure password for accounts. It works with major operating systems and browsers and can work across multiple devices through the cloud. Family and Business plans are available with a free 30 day trial for both plans.


StickyPassword does everything that you expect from a password manager and more. It can keep your login information secure and make logging into sites a breeze. All you need to do is to remember one master password. And it also stores other information like credit cards as well which you can then use with its digital wallet to make payments. Other information can be stored as well behind military-grade encryption and they can be accessed on any device thanks to either cloud or wi-fi syncing. A portable copy can also be placed on an encrypted USB drive or memory card so you can take your information with you wherever you go. A free version is available with a premium version available for $29.99 per year (or for a lifetime at $199.99). 


MyPassLock stores all of your passwords in one central location so you will always know where to look and you will never need to reset another password ever again. Passwords are easy to search and if you need to create one it can generate a strong password for you. A workspace lock allows you to also walk away from your computer and not worry about anyone stealing your data. A free trial is available with a monthly plan kicking in after that.


ByePass from Iolo simplifies your life while also securing it. It encrypts everything so your passwords and your credit card information is shielded online while at the same time saving them so you will never need to remember them again. It is organized so it can be easily searched and it can assess the security level of your passwords. It also has the ability to remotely log out every website that you are on wherever you are. A paid single version of ByePass is the only version available.


Everykey is a Bluetooth device that uses military grade security to replace usernames and passwords. You can unlock computers, phones, cars and anything that Bluetooth can interface with. It logs you in when you visit a website automatically and it can generate secure passwords for those accounts. It can also be remotely frozen so only you can use it if it is lost or stolen through an app. Devices cost $69 and come with a charging cable and a key ring accessory.

Zoho Vault

Zoho is a unique and powerful software suite to run your business and Zoho Vault is a component of that. Passwords are stored securely and can be safely shared among pre-authorized members of a group or in bulk. Login can be done without having to enter credentials and activity can be monitored. It can be integrated with other platforms and works with most leading browsers.  A free version is available and three different paid versions are also available.


Cybersecurity starts with Keeper, which can be used to protect both your personal accounts and your business accounts. It’s zero-knowledge security is the most audited and secure available on the market while giving the user the ultimate amount of flexibility. It is easy to use with interfaces for any device. Five different price tiers are available starting with a plan for students and going to large businesses with a per user cost. 


If it needs to be secured LastPass can protect it. Passwords, payment information, medical records and more can be secured and organized. It is easy to use and quick to set up. Access can be set up for anyone who needs it and it works for businesses as well. A free plan is available with paid plans for both personal and business accounts. 


Bitwarden is the easiest and safest way for individuals and teams to store and share information. It helps you create and manage secure passwords while accessing your information from anywhere using cloud syncing. All data is encrypted so only you have access to it. It works on all platforms and with nearly every web browser. You can even create your own scripts for it using its command line interface. All information is stored in a web vault so it can be accessible from anywhere. Bitwarden is open source software making it more transparent. A free and a premium version is available.


Like all other password managers KeePassXC can store your passwords so you never need to type them again. It requires no Internet connection and all of your data is encrypted. It is open-source software and works across multiple platforms. KeePassXC is completely free to use.

iCloud Keychain

If you use an Apple device you have iCloud Keychain already installed. It can keep your passwords secure across all Apple devices that you own as well as other information like credit card numbers and wi-fi passwords. All you have to do is turn it on. All information is encrypted and two-factor authentication can be enabled.

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