We explored what the hashtag is in our last post. Since their primary use comes with social media it is important to know some do’s and don’ts when it comes to their usage. Proper usage can be the difference between excelling with them and wasting your time. When it comes to hashtags, not all social media platforms are created equally.


Hashtags got their birth on Twitter and in many ways they are the most popular part of the platform. The search function on the page can search for specific hashtags to find the most popular trends. Public profiles can use hashtags to increase their reach so even people who do not follow your page can find you.

Keep in mind your profile needs to be public. Using a hashtag with private profiles will not get you the desired result since those pages cannot be shared with the general public thus voiding the main reason that people use them for. Considering most profiles are public this is probably not something that you need to worry about but it is important to consider.

Also when it comes to hashtags and Twitter it is best to use at most two in any one post. Using too many can make a post seem cluttered or spammy since you only have a limited number of characters to use in that post. 


While Twitter was the birthplace of the hashtag Instagram has taken it and run with it. Users are able to follow specific hashtags and they can be added to Instagram Stories. Since you can also see the analytics of various posts on the platform you can see how effective your hashtag usage has been. On Instagram there is no easy way to share posts on the platform but hashtags have proven to be the most effective method of reaching others. 

Where Instagram differs from Twitter is that the more hashtags the merrier. It is common to see up to 15 hashtags in any one post and you can use up to 30! But don’t use hashtags on Instagram just for the sake of using them. Only use related hashtags as users can report you for continuously using irrelevant hashtags and just like with Twitter using too many creates a spammy feel to your post. 

You can also add hashtags to a post and remove others later. It is best to start with broad hashtags, find some more narrower ones that are related to your post and then find specific ones. They are the easiest way to get new followers on Instagram.


With Pinterest the strategy is a bit different. Pinterest is geared more for unique or branded hashtags and not for broader ones. These hashtags can be clicked on by the user which will search for other pins with that tag in it. They can be used to link to your webpage or blog to increase traffic to those sites.

Since you are using a unique hashtag they will direct to something else of yours. If you use a commonly used one it will be lost in the netherworld and will not have the desired effect. Also like Twitter keep the number of hashtags used to a minimum. One or two per post is the most that should be used.


LinkedIn is new to the hashtag game and as such their usage is a bit different. Like with other platforms users can search for hashtags and in a way their usage is very much the same.

Where LinkedIn does differ is that since the platform is geared for a more professional setting more professional hashtags should be used. You can add them but keep them straight forward for the best effect. It might seem stuffy but you can always add the funny ones on your Twitter account.


Yes, you can use hashtags on Facebook. There are some experts that recommend that you never use hashtags on Facebook. Why? In a way it is simple, you or your company’s profile is private and thus the tags will only reach people who can see your page making them an ineffective way to reach a new audience and not worth your time.

Facebook though does have one advantage that the platforms above do not and that is cross-platform reach. You can promote what you are doing on other platforms using those same hashtags that you used on Twitter to reach your Facebook followers. That can have a meaningful effect on your efforts and can make using hashtags on Facebook worth your time. Like with other platforms keep your hashtag use to a minimum with one or two per post.

Using hashtags on social media may require some trial and error. It may not be something that a #noob will be able to master immediately. If you are not using hashtags with your social media accounts you are late to the game but as you know it is better late than never. It’s time to get in the game. If you are using them, you’re hopefully seeing some success with your efforts and if you are not, Nicely Done Sites can help you with that. Click on the box that popped up on your screen to get started!

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