What Is The Best Day Or Time To Publish A Blog Post?

Alright, you are done writing your post. You have a great headline to grab your reader’s attention. The length of your piece is good and you’ve got all of the keywords in it that you want to use to boost your SEO ranking. Now that it has come time to post the content for the rest of the world to see have you considered when you will post it?

When can include a lot of variables. What day of the week? What time of the day? Even what timezone. The time that a post is published can make a big difference when it comes to readership and social media engagement but despite that there is no one perfect time or day to publish a post.

The Time

So what time should you publish a post? Should you do it during the day when it will compete on social media with other blog content for attention or in the off-hours when it could potentially stand out? There are pros and cons to both.

By posting during the day there will be more competition for your potential reader’s eyeballs but there will also be more readers. Those readers will tend to bring more engagement but will also have a higher bounce rate.

By posting in non-peak hours your content has a chance to stand out as there are fewer other new pieces of content to compete with it but there is a reason that blog content tends to be published during the day because there will also be fewer potential eyeballs which means less social media engagement.

Does the Timezone Matter?

The timezone may or may not matter. Your target audience may only live in one timezone, like the Eastern Time Zone in the US, and if that is the case this variable is a non-issue for you. But you may also have a national or even international audience and you will need to keep that in mind when determining a time. At noon in New York City it is 5 PM in London, 7 PM in Cape Town, 2 AM in Tokyo and 9 AM in Los Angeles.

Understanding Your Readers

Who do you intend to reach with your content? SEO expert Neil Patel and the SEO firm Kissmetrics analyzed blog content trends and reached several conclusions. Blog content tends to be read more in the morning hours and diminishes steeply during the day to about half as much in the nighttime hours and during those nighttime hours men are more likely to read blog content then women.

This should not be unusual. For generations people have read the morning newspaper before starting the work day. Despite print media struggling people still need to get the news and they head to the Internet to do so.

When Is The Best Time To Publish Blog Content?

According to Kissmetrics the day of the week that generates the most traffic is Monday. The time of day that tends to see the most blog content being read is the 11 AM hour. The most comments for a piece of blog content is around 9 AM and the most popular day for comments is Saturday.

Does everyone Agree?

No, not everyone agrees with this and every website is different. Your site may already be on a regular schedule and your reader base is expecting content at a certain time on a certain day of the week. It may be best not to change that so take all of this with a grain of salt. The SEO website Blog Tyrant claims that Tuesday and Wednesday are the best options with the best time of day being between 9:30 and 11 AM Eastern Time. They claim that by posting at that time online readers news feeds will have been exhausted and content published at that hour will stand out.

That is a far cry from TrackMaven’s 2017 report that concluded that Thursday at 3 PM was the best time and blog posts published at 3 PM in general outperformed others. They completed the study that analyzed 65,000 blog posts over the course parts of 2015 and 2016. They also determined that the most competitive time was Wednesdays at noon and at 10:00 AM in general. Posts published on Fridays received fewer shares than on other days.

To further complicate matters the SEO training website Backlinko recently conducted a study of over 900 million blog posts. Their conclusion after that was that there was no difference when it came to the day of the week when it came to social media engagement. Sunday was the best day, but only slightly. They did not weigh in on the best time of day.

So What Is The Best Time?

It seems that there is some consensus that the best time for blog posts is in the morning hours but that is not set in stone. As for the day, there does not seem to be much consensus, even from the experts. That could potentially be good for you as it will give you some freedom to experiment on your own to see if you can find that ideal time for your own blog content.

No one said that this would be easy, but if you can find that golden time you can capitalize on both increasing your SEO and increasing your social media engagements and that will mean more potential customers for you!

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