Creating an eCommerce website is not easy. There are a lot of things that need to be covered (and covered well) and a lot of time that goes into it. It can make designing a normal website seem like child’s play to do it right. So, if you have a brand that you want to market or have goods of your own to sell and want to do it online we assume that you have considered an eCommerce website. So if you are going to create an eCommerce site, what should you do?

Consistency Is Key

When someone comes to your website there is a certain look and feel to the site. The site should be laid out in an easy to navigate and consistent manner throughout all of the site and that includes your eCommerce site. So when a menu is placed at the top it should be at the top of every page on the site, it shouldn’t move to the side on one page or the bottom of another. It makes navigation of the site easier and if the visitor is able to find what they are looking for they will be more apt to buy it. After all, if a visitor can’t find what they are looking for they won’t be buying anything. 

When in a doubt Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS).

Think About The Design

The design of your eCommerce store should be consistent with what you are selling. If you are selling beauty products you will use a different background and theme than if you are selling kids toys. If the average user comes to a site looking for custom soap and the theme looks like it is for a bookstore (yes, books are still being made) they might just turn around and leave just like they would in a real brick and mortar store. Your design should match what you are selling.

Don’t forget as well to make sure that your eCommerce site works on a mobile platform as well. With more people being able to do more with their phones, chances are you will have visitors coming to you from a mobile platform. It’s easy to overlook but could cost you a lot of eyeballs.

Proper Showcasing

Since you have made it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for you need to sell that product. Like with a good website or a good blog an eye catching image or video of the product is needed. People of course like to see what they are buying and since they can’t physically see it a picture or video is the next best thing. Also include a detailed and accurate description of the product and any other relevant information with the product. Your visitor can’t see it and they can’t hold it in their hands or try it, this is as good as it gets in the virtual world.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Reviews

Everyone of course loves positive reviews and you will certainly want to showcase them on your eCommerce site. That review can be what pushes a visitor over the top and makes them a customer. Go for it, but don’t remove any negative or neutral reviews. By removing only them and showing only positive reviews it gives the appearance of a censoring of those reviews. 

At the same time a negative review can be positive. We’ve detailed this before but to be brief if you are able to solve the customer’s issue in a polite and professional manner you will look better and your visitors will see that..

Good Shopping Cart Design

Your shopping cart is important. It is where a customer can view their items and check out so you can receive the order and get paid. Your shopping cart should feature an order summary, product recommendations like what other customers who purchased that product also bought and an option to continue shopping, which will allow for customers to add new items or to remove items if necessary. The order summary will have the total of the order and also the cost of shipping. Knowing that is important for your customer.

Easy Checkout

When you actually go into a store you don’t want to stand in line for a long time just to buy one thing. You want the checkout process to be quick and easy. The easier you make your eCommerce site to check out the better it will be for your customer. Some things to consider are whether you want to force a user to register on your website or create a guest checkout option for a quick purchase. Not everyone wants to sign away their life just to buy an item and the hassle that comes with that could just push them to visit a real brick and mortar store or a competitor.

The entire process should not take more than a few pages. It could be as simple as the shopping cart summary, a page to enter payment information and a confirmation page. By making it as simple as possible you are more likely to get that customer back for more purchases.


A decade ago when it came to eCommerce there was one payment option, a debit/credit card. Today, not so much. Besides a card there are plenty of other payment methods like most famously PayPal that can be accepted. The more options that you can incorporate into your eCommerce site the more customers you can potentially attract. If you are the only site that accepts ApplePay a customer who predominantly uses that as their payment method may buy from you. There is of course a cost that comes with that, so you will need to determine if that is worth it but that is something to discuss with your payment processor.


You might have the greatest and easiest to use product in the world. You might have more sales than anyone else. In the end you will have customers who have problems with your product. It might be that it was broken in transit, it could be that they do not understand how to use it or any host of reasons. They might even want to provide a testimonial. Do your customers know how to get in contact with you? Do they get in touch with you via email? Phone? Live chat

The easier it is to get in contact with you the more likely it is that you can resolve an issue quickly. Also for some potential customers they actively seek out how easy it is to contact you, whether it is finding the contact info on your site or reading online reviews about you. 


We have seen a rash of data breaches in recent years. The security of your eCommerce site should be your top priority. No one will want to do business with you if they know that their credit card information is going to be stolen since you failed to secure your site. That customer will do business with a competitor even if you have the best and cheapest product around. Keep your WordPress site updated and make sure that you follow any guidelines or best practices like PCI compliance to keep your site secure and your customer’s data even more secure.

Are you ready to begin selling online? It is a very competitive world and it requires a lot of hoops to jump through. It is not for everyone and it will require a lot of time and effort just to get it off the ground, much less to do it right but it can be extremely lucrative and it can open your business up to new markets. If you are considering building an eCommerce site Nicely Done Sites can help. Simply click the live chat option at the bottom of the page to get started!


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