Have you ever thought about what visitors to your website are looking for? Whether you are a Fortune 500 company with a multi-million dollar marketing department or you are just a small retailer it is important. It is important because people are coming to your website for a reason. If you know what that reason is you can hopefully turn more of those visitors into customers, but you have to know why your visitors are coming in.

Why Are Visitors Coming To Your Website?

Does your website get a lot of visitors but not a lot of conversions? Does your website get a few visitors but a high percentage of them become conversions? Is your website somewhere in between? It really doesn’t matter, you should know why people are visiting your website.

There are a number of ways that you can find out why visitors are coming to your website. Some are not practical like actually asking customers why they are coming (they can be less than truthful since you are putting them on the spot) or putting up a survey on your page (can you be sure the responses are genuine?). Sure it may be easy but you might not get the entire picture and not everyone will respond. No, the easiest way is an analytics plugin for your WordPress site.


An analytics plugin can give you a wealth of data. What pages are being visited, how long a user stayed on a page, the number of unique views, the user’s location and more. There are many different ones to choose from and chief among them are both free. Google Analytics and Google Search Console can help you figure out what your visitors are looking for when they come to your site.

Think about it this way. If you have a product and a lot of people are visiting that page that means that people are interested in it. But if you are not selling many of them you need to ask yourself why? It would seem that visitors are comparing your product to another and they like your competitor’s better. Now you need to figure out why and improve yours. 

Or maybe a lot of people are visiting your blog posts but are not going any further. Have you put a call to action in there that encourages them to contact you or ask for a quote or a direct link to a product? Or are visitors only spending a few seconds on your blog? They could be taking your blog as clickbait, that is the title promises something and the content does not deliver. Or perhaps your graphic above the fold isn’t as immaculate or inviting as you thought it was and they moved on.

With an analytics plugin you could find that you are attracting a lot of visitors from other countries. For some of you reading this that may be great but the problem for many of you is that are a local business marketing to local people. Now you need to figure out why you are so popular abroad but not at home.

Some Simple Things To Keep In Mind

There are a handful of things to keep in mind that will help retain eyeballs when they get to your site and the longer they stay the higher of a percentage it is that they will become customers or clients. 

  1. Be clear what it is you do – When someone comes to your site they want to know what you do. This should be the first thing that a visitor sees and should be as clear as possible. A visitor should not have to scroll halfway down a page to figure out what it is that you do.
  2. How do you help your visitor improve their life – It is great that you do what you do but how does that benefit your visitors? If you want someone to buy a product that you make or utilize a service that you offer how can you improve their lives? This should be short and sweet and one of the first things that a visitor sees on your website.
  3. How are you different from your competitors – Chances are you have competition in your field so knowing what separates you from your competitors should be easy to find. Is it price? Quality of service? Ease of use of a product? The difference might seem small to some but for some potential customers the difference could be a big deal. Make sure your visitor knows and can find out quickly or else they might just go find your competitor.
  4. Cost – When it comes down to it, cost is a big deal for people. Visitors should not have to dig through your site (they won’t, trust us) to find out how much a product or a service costs. Now obviously certain things cannot be nailed down with a cost but a call to action that has them request a quote or estimate can be just as effective.
  5. Why should a visitor trust you? – Word of mouth can be an effective way to get people to do business with you. That works in the digital realm as well in the form of testimonials. If you have a happy customer ask for a testimonial that you can put on your website. When a visitor sees a happy customer they not only know that others have done business with you but they have also been satisfied. Don’t make this too hard to find though.
  6. Contact information. – Perhaps a visitor has a question about what you offer. You may not be able to cover every single base on your website. Have a way for a customer to contact you. If they are contacting you they are interested in what you have to offer. These are commonly found in both the website header and at the bottom of the webpage. Just remember to use CAPTCHA to filter out any spambots!

Obviously you are not going to be able to convert every visitor into a customer but even just by doing some simple things you can increase the likelihood that a visitor turns into that customer. It does not take a lot of effort and what is listed above can be easily incorporated into any website design. These (and others) are things that Nicely Done Sites takes into account when we build a website so if you need a website for you business or organization or would like to have yours rebuilt drop us a line and we can sit down with you and get started. Either start a chat in the box that has come up on your screen or visit our Contact page!

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