What Were the Most Visited Sites on the Web in 2018?

As the year comes to an end there are a lot of retrospectives and reviews going on. One things that you can do is to review how many people came to visit your site and to see if there are ways that you can increase the number of visitors. There are always more ways to bring more eyeballs to your site but have you ever wondered what the most visited sites are on the Internet? Some may be obvious, some might not be. Thanks to Medium.com we know.

There are approximately 40 websites that garner at least one billion views per month. Let that number sink in and compare it to yours. Your website has a ways to go certainly. But don’t fret, all of these sites started small just like yours and chances are you don’t compete with them anyway. Mediums rankings take the number of visitors, the duration, how many pages are visited, the bounce rate, how the site is visited into consideration and the country it primarily serves.


#10 – Wikipedia. With 5.33 billion monthly visits this site has become the go to place for knowledge on the Internet. It is available in 299 different languages making it the global hub for information. It is also the most linked to website when it comes to SEO. Users spend a little less than 4 minutes on the site.

#9 – VK.com. This is a Russian social media site popular among Russian speaking users. If you have never heard of it or used it that is certainly understandable. It gets about 2.39 billion visits per month and users spend about 17 minutes on the page.

#8 – XNXX.com. Much of the Internet technology that we use today has been pioneered by the adult pornographic industry so it is only fitting that at least one of the ten should come from this corner of the net. This is a French site visited by approximately 3.1 billion people per month and they spend about 14 minutes on the site. There is certainly no doubt what the people are coming to this site to find unlike some of the others.

#7 – Twitter. The social media giant sees almost 4 billion views per month and spend a little over 9 minutes on the site. Unfortunately Twitter is starting to lose popularity and is dropping in the yearly rankings owing to increased competition and other things.

#6 – Instagram. While Twitter is falling Instagram is rising, seeing around 2.67 billion visits per month and users stay for around 7 minutes.


#5 – Yahoo. Yahoo has certainly had its share of issues, mostly centering around data breaches and they have almost become forgotten by some people. Despite that the company is not dead and users visit the site almost 4.6 billion times a month. Users stay for about 6 ½ minutes and do more than just use the search engine.

#4 – Baidu. This Chinese search engine was developed to compete with Google, and by compete we mean replace. It garners almost 10.5 billion visitors per month and users stay on the site for about 7 ½ minutes. Don’t expect to get fair results though with this as China’s Internet and Baidu’s search results are highly restricted, so unless you want to learn all about how wonderful the CCP is, this site might not be for you.

#3 – Facebook. You know what Facebook is. Your kids do too. More than 22.3 billion visitors come to the social media platform each month and stay for about 12 minutes. Facebook has changed the way everyone lives and does business but with scandal after scandal hitting the company it will be interesting to see if they are able to maintain their ranking at this time next year.

#2 – YouTube. Just like with Facebook, everyone knows what YouTube is. If you want to find you news go there. If you want commentary on any subject under the sun (OK, maybe not every subject) go there. If you just want to sit back and watch people do stupid stuff, head on over. You won’t be alone with over 23.3 billion people visiting the site each month and staying for over 21 minutes per session. Some people spend over 2 hours of their day on YouTube.

#1 – Google. This should be no surprise and considering that Google also owns YouTube they have cemented themselves at the top of the list. Over 42 billion people per month visit Google and spend about 9 minutes on the site. It is the go to source to find information and admit it, when you want to find something on the Internet you go to Google.

Realistically there is little chance that your website will ever crack into the top 10 of the most popular websites on the planet. Despite that, you can always get more visitors to your website and Nicely Done Sites can help with that, whether it is through a redesign of the site or through SEO optimization techniques. With the New Year upon us, why not make that one of your resolutions?

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