Nicely Done Sites has, over the years, continued to invest into audio, photography and videography equipment, software, and talent. We are excited to say that more and more of our clients have worked with us to create high-quality media like video for use in their websites, social media, print materials, and more.

Not only does it help to give us assets for use in the site’s design (for new projects and redesigns), but the process also offers assets that can be used with blog posts as they are published including on networks like Instagram. The assets can be used in advertising campaigns, newsletters, as well as within new landing pages as they are built over time offering more value out of each piece.

Faster Download Speeds with 5G and Fiber

With 5G about to become reality real-time streaming of high-quality video will be the norm and there is so much more content in that form of media than a photo of gif. Let’s face it, most people are lazy when it comes to reading (myself included), so it’s no surprise that it would be popular. That said, computers HAVE to read (since there‚Äôs still some work to be done with sentiment analysis and natural language processing), so we can’t dismiss copy content which affects our customer’s visibility to the public.

Locally, United Fiber and Data has been working now for a couple years to complete the datapipe from Ashburn, Virginia through York and on to New York which, in a York Dispatch article from November, report would be completing after the holidays and going into 2019. “The network is part of a Gigabit Revolution plan aimed to bring high-speed internet to South Central Pennsylvania counties.” (Rebecca Klar, “United Fiber and Data nears completion of 400-mile fiber optic network through York”).

So, How Does This Affect Me?

All data will transmit at the higher speeds so this of course will affect the types of media we can use in design elements of the site as well as embedded within the content of the site’s pages and posts. Video has been used as header backgrounds, slider backgrounds and as section backgrounds – but it’s challenging to do. There are a few different file formats needed due to browser compatibility and video content is simply a lot of data to need to transmit. The longer it takes your site to load, the more you are penalized in SEO rankings and the more likely the visitor will simply go back to the results page for someone else.

Faster transmission speeds will incorporate video into site design, marketing, and customer service more and more. Video will likely become a standard part of your business operations and communications as well. We see telepresence becoming more mainstream in a variety of industries, including our own, where we can have folks all around the world co-working – even if they aren’t visiting our co-working space FreelanceYork in Dallastown, PA in person.

What Are My Next Steps?

Don’t be the last person on the block to pick up on the trend. This is your chance to be ahead of the curve and really take advantage of this opportunity now! Not sure where to begin? We can help.

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