Are you using Windows 7? If you are you need to listen up. The Zeroday for Windows 7 is less than one year away so if you are using one of these computers it may be time for a new one.

Windows 7 Zeroday

On January 14, 2020 Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7. That means no more updates will be created for it. No more security fixes will be made. No more support in general, as once Microsoft stops supporting one of their products other companies follow suit.

Windows 7 was released in 2009 and is still widely used. Only at the end of 2018 did Windows 10 finally overtake it so there are still a lot of machines running it, over three years since it was released.

What is a Zeroday

When the zeroday is reached it does not mean that your Windows 7 machine will cease working nor will it just explode. However any vulnerability discovered the next day will not be fixed instantly making hundreds of millions of computers vulnerable to attack that day. This is of course not to be confused with the zeroday for hikers. It would be a bit hard to imagine your computer hiking with you.

Are you still running Windows 7?

If you are still running a Windows 7 machine you do not need to upgrade just yet but it is something that you should start thinking about now. By upgrading sooner rather than later you will get used to Windows 10 (and it does take a little getting used to just as Windows 7 took a bit of getting used to) and you will also be able to make a smoother transition as you will still be able to keep your Windows 7 machine up and running.

This is a reminder that software eventually outlives its usefulness. Windows 8, released in 2012 has also just saw its mainstream support end about a year ago. Extended support will end in 2023. Windows 10, released in 2015, will see mainstream support end in 2020 and extended support end in 2025. Microsoft is working on the next evolution of Windows and both Windows 8 and 10 will reach their zeroday as well.

Time to upgrade

At Nicely Done Sites we cannot stress enough the importance of not only keeping your website up to date but also keeping your computers up to date. Not only does it provide new applications and provide a better user experience it also plugs security holes. Microsoft has been working hard to essentially force its users to stay upgraded but the user still has to cooperate and when those updates come to an end it is time to move on. Some can argue that it is a cash grab but at the pace of computing innovation an 8 year old machine belongs in the Smithsonian and not at your place of business or home.

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