Does a WordPress SEO plugin mean you don’t need an SEO consultant? It's up to you

Your WordPress website is up and running and it looks nice. To help get you to the top of search engine results you decided to install a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin into WordPress to help you. Now you are on easy street. You won’t need any help with SEO from now on, right? Wrong.

Search Engine Optimization is a living breathing thing. It requires constant work and updating to move yourself up the search engine results and to keep yourself there when you get to your desired spot. It is something to keep in mind with every facet of your business and your marketing strategies. It is not something to set and forget if you want to get ahead.

The simplest reason is that the plugin you installed will not cover every single element regarding SEO. It can advise you or help you with some of it but it cannot cover everything. The plugin is a tool in your toolbox, it is not the entire work crew. That plugin also will be updated over time, the same way WordPress will need to be updated as well as your theme. The code that the plugin uses may change and that can lead to changes in your search engine results ranging from an emphasis on a new element to the plugin running slower causing the website to slow down and hurting your ranking that way.

Running a business take a lot of time and energy which is probably why the plugin was so darn attractive. There’s nothing wrong with that but if you are serious about getting the most out of your SEO strategy then it may be worth it to hire a specialist. A specialist will have an understanding who knows the best strategies to get the organic search results that you need to grow your business. They can strengthen your marketing strategies all the while keeping you from making costly mistakes. They can work with you on everything from optimizing your content for keywords to making sure you are maximizing your site toward a search engine’s algorithm. Audits can be performed to make sure that your site is getting where it should go and to keep your site ranked where it should be in an ever changing environment.

If you think this is best for your business this is a service that Nicely Done Sites offers on a retainer basis. We can help you optimize your SEO strategy and help you move up the rankings and generate more organic web traffic to your website. We can assist you with anything from advice and guidance to content so that more traffic will click on your site and more sales will come out of it. Just remember, the longer you wait to get started or to fix a problem the longer it will take to overcome it.

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