Good Business = Happy Clients (and Referrals!) The Importance of Communication and Going the Extra Mile

Humans are social creatures and because of that we thrive on conversation. We talk about the weather, sports and the news and many people are always looking for a good conversation starter. When someone has something that is new or exciting to share, or something nice done to their property or body people will want to talk about it. This word of mouth can be extremely important.

Let’s face it, people like to be treated well, especially when they are buying goods or services from you. If you do everything that you can to treat your customers with honesty and respect and couple that with a good product at an affordable price it can do wonders for your business. Going the extra mile and/or communicating alone with your customers can do wonders. People instinctively like to know what is going on and don’t like being left in the dark so just communication alone can work its magic. Word of mouth is extremely important. It shows that a particular customer not only was excited enough to show off whatever you did but would recommend you to a friend or neighbor. There is a good chance that said friend or neighbor will be giving you a call if they need whatever product or service you offer.

Having a happy client is something that all of us strive for. Not only will they give a referral to someone but they can also provide a testimonial as to the quality of your work. Testimonials are extremely important part of business. Just by posting a simple one or two sentence testimonial on your website it lets a potential client know that someone else has worked with you and has been satisfied with the work that was done. Testimonials can be found in numerous places, from their website, to social media accounts like Facebook to Google.

Good business owners strive to do the best possible job for their clients and knowing that you went the extra mile for a satisfied client is usually reward enough. In that case, soliciting a testimonial should be no problem and the customer would usually have no problem consenting.

That is exactly what Nicely Done Sites strives for. We want to give our customers a professional website at an affordable price with excellent customer service. There is a reason that we have so many five star ratings on Facebook (and nothing less than that!). This did not happen overnight, this has been years in the making and we’re not content to rest on our laurels. Keeping customers happy is a never ending job and it is one that keeps us getting out of bed each and every day. After all, if what we did was easy everyone would do it.

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